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where are the receptors for steroids located

a osteoclast
b osteoblast
c both



I have come across a situation which gives a hypoestrogen state and asks your question.The role of RANK ligand on osteoclsts is srongly emphasized in bone resorption.You can get a detail explanation in High yield Histology which has some ambiguity .But given the situation I go only for Osteoclast..because you clearly stated Steroid.The same thing holds true for 1,25-(OH)2 vitamin D which acts on Osteoblasts to secrete IL-1 which again acts on Osteoclasts and Calcitonin which act on Osteoclasts and cause bone resorption.I think this is a good start for subsequent discussion and can come up with a conclusion.


hi sany......high yield says that the steroid hormones include the vitamin d which clearly acts on osteoblasts....but they havent mentioned specifically about the exogenous steroids (taken for adrenal insufficiency)receptors.....also i want to correct you that osteoBLAST have RANKL NOT RANK WHICH IS ON is only when the RANKL AND RANK interact the macrophages become osteoclast...interesting hmmm......


Thank you..I am waiting to learn more.


eeshan is right


i doubt steroids have receptor on osteoClasts,,they have receptor on osteoblast and osteocyts (same as PTH) as far as i know only calcitonin has receptor on osteoClast and can Directly affect them ,the others can affect osteoclast indirectly via osteoBlasts

i am not sure thu ,please guys, share your ideas even something simple like this can be a question on exam .



Answer is both.
Osteoclast apoptosis is regulated by estrogen.
Osteoblast differentiation is modulated by sex steroids.

---Dr. J. Iyer

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