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I matched. I got 8 interviews in OBGYN and matched with one of them as I haven't applied in other speciality.

Please post who else are matched in this thread.


Seems like either nobody else did match or obgyn forum is complete dead now.


hello aflatoon
congrats on getting matched
can u tell how to make a good cv even i am very interested in obg
i ahve cleared step one with 91 and shortly will write step 2 also


meghaw, my scores were 98/95/pass/85. Try to get USCE or research in obgyn. I did 1 year research in obgyn and got some publications as the result. Also I got 2 US LoRs - one from head of obgyn. Apart from scores, mainly research has helped secure a position.


Hi did you manage to get research? can you share? and what about visa issues?


I searched for all the nearby (40 miles radius) medical schools and universities find out the emails of faculty members of OBGYN. Since I had OBGYN, MD from my country, I send them emails with resume (my MD thesis information) that I am interested in doing volunteer (unpaid) research in OBGYN. I also mentioned my clear intentions that I will be later on go for residency.

I was not expecting a good response but believe me I got called for volunteer research work at 10 places and 2 of them were in OBGYN - so I picked the one closer to my residence.

My experience says that faculties who also involved in research are always looking for free labor, so don't shy in contacting them and you will find one of your choice. Although unpaid but will get you a residency position.


Thanks for your reply,I am in India currently and I have a visitor visa I guess that is a drawback,can you suggest something on this issue?


Also,how do you suggest I look for USCE? by USCE you mean someting hands on , right?


hello aflatoon,
i am very confused how to get the research ?
i am presently in india studying for step 2
have cs in july and then step 3 in aug
how to go about USCE AND US LORS
i mean how to plan it because from sep onwards we have to apply to universities also
i am really confused feels very short of time now
can u please help


Being outside USA makes it very difficult to get any US clinical/research experience. Without that I don't think that you will be able to receive any US LoRs. Doing any kind of work on Vistor Visa is out of question unless you find place which goes out of way and help you gain some obsevership.

Other option is that I have seen some people from other countries come as exchange students (J1 visa) during there final year of medical school for externships. I don't know how to get it but there are some sites who can help you on this.

All this did not apply to me as I had GC and I was in USA while I took all three steps of usmle.


hi dr aflatoon congra for ur matching.i need ur advice preparing now for step one IMG with clinical exprience in bs and gyn but from my trying to give my exam in oct then try to get externship but how i dont know???my Q is that way am thinking is right or i have to give step 2 ck and cs then try to get an externship>>>plz help me really am cofusing and dont know what should i do??


well dr. Aflatoon i want to ask if the unpaid research can be changed to paid after they assess you or it will continue unpaid whatever your performance


sometimes unpaid research work can turn into paid. I have seen that happening.

Guys, acn someone share a list of programs friendly with IMG?


Congrates, aflatoon, wish u the best.


is there anybody matched to Bronx Lebanon, or Wayne Univ. Detroi, or Hurley Med. Center, Flint?
any iv experiences?


hey baryn how was the Wayne interview ?

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