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 anybody preparing for step 1 with 2 kids  

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Please help and support me, I have two kids, 4 and 2 yr olds, I plan to take step 1 his year in Aug'04.

Is anybody in same boat with me?


  #2 too. I have 2.5 yr old and 5 month baby. I am planning to do step 1 in Oct-Dec timeframe. I am a 1998 grad...but did work till 2000.

What is your schedule? What are you using for books?
How do you manage childcare when you study....I need lots of suggestions!!!

I am using BRS, FA and Kaplan notes. I fit in study during the quiet periods of the day and 2h at night after they sleep...
Take care... Elise.


love to join u guys let me know if u would like to study.
-mail:[email protected]


love to join u guys let me know if u would like form a group to study.
-mail:[email protected]


Hi dr mom and dishal

Iam planning to go to library from 5-9pm when I can leave my kids wih my husaband.

Because what you need is disraction free time to memorize and clear your concepts.

Hope yoy all agree?




Hi. I have started reading through brs path....about 2hr/night. I am up to anemias already....but this is the first reading where I am just passively absorbing info.


Hi moms,
If u both agree why don't we start with patho and lets discuss cell injury
q formt.If it is possible we will chat here itself tuesday 11pm central time if it works for both od u.Thanks .let me know


i am also preparing for usmle step 1 and planning to give exam in oct 2004.
i have one 6 months old baby.
i have started with first aid for usmle,so that i can get general idea of each subject,these days i m reading patho.

i want to join u guys as my study partner.



Thats a good idea.

Lets give it a try.

A friend of mine once told me to take an easy and a hard subject side by side.

So how about if we give some time to behavorial science too and try to finish gen patho and beh sc. in 7 days. 2 short ones can be done in 1 day.
Because a lot of matter in a lot less time is required. So for aug/sep time frame 3-4 readings is reqiured. I think we have to put in more hours from our schedule.

Take Care

Desi md.


sure come on in!

We need a lot of motivation and support from each other.

It seems you have just 1 kid so you can baby sit your child and study for longer duration.

Anyways my plan is to take brs gen patho and beh sc side by side and finish it in 7 days starting from today!


I was also interested in joing your group since i also have one kid can u guys help me?


Hi all...

We should organise ourselves to make this work.
I have 2 kids so I dont think its possible for me to do BS at the same time as Path and get both done in one week. However those who want to add BS alongside Path....they can do so.

BRS PATH is what most of us are using. I suggest we try to complete this book this week. There are 23 chapters....that means reading a total of approx 3-4 chapters aday.

Today we should each post a total of 10q each taken from the first 3 chapters. Tomorrow we should post another 10q each from Chap 4-7 and so on. We should make them up ourselves and use MCQ style. If 5 of us do so then each day we will have total 50q everyday.

Remember this is the first read for most of us so lets not do any note taking. Sit back and read....aim to understand concepts....make up 10q as you go along. Then post at the end of the reading....whenever that is.

This is my suggestion....Im going of to read now and will post 10Q soon as Ive read through the 3 chapters....

Anyone got any ideas on how to make this work.....POST! grin
This should not take long. If you have extra time...reread or do BS etc.


Hi drmom

That is a nice suggestion.

Iam in.

Desi md.


Hi sanober

I knew one sanober when I was in dmc.
Anyways you r welcome to this group and we r starting brs patho 3 chap in 1 day .

Take care.

desi md.


Hey I read the chapters...they are quite short. When it came to making up qs...I found it hard to make up usmle style mcq....SORRY!

Still how are you guys doing....have you got 3 chapters done....
Tomorrow the goal is 4-7 see ya at page 106! :wink:



O guys, is is nothing to have 1, 2 or 3 years old kids, my daughters are 18 and 21, that's the pain ](*,)


Robals....atleast you dont have to wipe their gluteus maximi :lol:

Hey girls...Whats replies.
Look I hope you are sticking to the planned reading and today you should all be up to and including chap7....interesting reading I must say....
Plan for wed:chap 8-12...
Any ideas to make this more fun....let me know :wink:



Drmom, you know how it is grin , now I am worry about the other thinks grin/ , but so far they are great students :icon_study:


Hi Dr mom

Well Iam going accordingly...

Are u memorizing the concept of the text or just going thru? Or attempting MCQs too?

Anyways how old r your kids?

And how you r taking time out of your schedule?



i am trying to follow the schedule but i am just reading them nothing memorizing ???I also dont get enought time how r u guys managing your studies

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