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 leg rest extension  

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Hello, im sending this for the 2nd time coz it didnt appear on the screen after 10 minutes of posting.sorry for any mistakes in advance.
I took the exam in atlanta few days ago, what i forgot is to extend the leg rest for all patients but one, also on closing i discovered that i used not to give a probable diagnosis but to summerize quickly hx and pE and to say that we need to do more invest. then to ask if any concerns are there to be answered. i did consulatations for a lot of cases. do u think i may loose the exam because of this? extending the leg rest is not mentioned in 1st aid or kaplan.but i saw it today on usmle cd.plz be honest with me and I hope to get the logical true answer ( as you usually do guys).thanks a lot for you.


1st What is "extend the leg rest"?
2nd Sincerely, I don't think you failed.

By the way How old are you?


thanks RUthere for your response. leg rest is that part of the bed that you draw out to let the patient put his legs on while he is lying flat during physical examination, I really didnt notice it till the very end of the exam (on a case that i had to rise the leg up as part of physical exam,even the patient said after i let her to rest her legs"thank you!").would that be counted as part of interpersonal skills? this act is not mentioned in 1st aid or in the check list made by kaplan CS for communication and interpersonal skills.
my age is 24
thanks a lot for your response.............


hey kuna,

relax! i too had a similar experience. forgot to raise the extension twice and the pts thanked me after i finally did so.

if it will make you feel any better, i also didnt complete a few cases and passed after a nerve wracking wait nod

you'll be fine



thanks seri for your response.I hope to pass though not doing so for 11 patients is something odd. I never saw such a bed even in US hospitals.1st aid, kaplan cs and some websites for cs didnt mention this act. thanks a lot seri for your response.


raised eyebrow hi Kuna,
Did you pass the exam? I made the same mistakes during the test, forgeting to pull out leg extension. I am very worried, and couldn't get over the anxiety.


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