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 Bona Fide Infection  

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Does anyone have any idea what "Bona Fide Infection" is and what so special about this kind of infection?

The context is

"The T cell with dual specificity could be activated appropriately during a bona fide infection by a professional antigen-presenting cell plus foreign antigen 1 using T-cell receptor 1. But that same T cell, because it is now an activated effector T cell, would also be able to respond to a second peptide, which might be a self-peptide, using T-cell receptor 2, without requiring the co-stimulatory signals only professional antigen-presenting cells deliver"

Here we are talking about T cels with dual specifity, i.e. T cells with 2 kinds of alfa-chains.

Hope someone can enlighten me, thanks!



I have consulted the dics and they don't make sense. Bona Fide means good faith litterally translated from Latin to English. In this context I suppose it would mean "true", ie. Bona Fide INFECTION = true infection.

Though it still doesn't make sense, what is "true" infection and which mechanisms does this type of infection differ from "false" infection then?

I suppose true infection always involve prof. antigen presenting cells while false infection does not have to, such as in the case of allergy, but then again, it is just a guess, no source to back it up. I've looked everywhere without success. Hope some of you guys aced in immunology or are working with it can enlighten me a little.


I think you're reading WAY too much into this expression. I think it means that it is a "real" infection. That's all.

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