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 Separation anxiety vs Stranger anxiety  

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A 15-month old child is brought to the office because he cries incessantly when he is left at the local day care, The mother is concerned because he is "a happy child at home and loves playing w/ his other siblings" His growth pattern is normal and has achieved all age-appropriate milestones. What is the most likely diagnosis?
A Separation anxiety disorder
B Stranger anxiety
C Social anxiety disorder
D Rett's disorder




I agree w/ you, Robin; but the answer provided is B


since they dont show much guts on this forum, ill return with more info concerning the exact time period. (I forgot from step1) But I know separation anxiety is bi modal....


I don't understand the answer because:
* strange anxiety is between 7-11 M
* separation anxiety is after 12-15 M
Beside the age I have no clue in this q stem to make a diagnosis!
Are you sure about the answer?


B is the correct answer.
Separation anxiety disorder is diseased situation.


Thank you!I got it! He has no problem when he is at home and sep. anx. disorder is a disturbance which causes significant impairment in kid's life.

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