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 anyone having concenration problems :(  

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Heyy friends...I started to study step 1 a couple of months ago but Im soooooo slow sad thats bc in the middle of the page I find myself flyin in a plane to Bahamas or in the mall or thinking about some very irrelevant thing !!! Any advices on how to concentrate better exam is in June shockedshockedshocked


Hi feyza.basoglu....i started like you 1 month ago, i try to be focus in my book, but sometimes my mind is flying like you. Well, i think the best opcion for us is have a plan. Rigth now, i am studying Physiology.
What book are you reading?.

Maybe we can help ourself together.

Let me know.
Good luck smiling face


Heyy smiling face yeaa ur rite ! I made my last 4 months plan ...this motivated me a little bit but Im still in Bahamas grin I started with Paths adding a littlebit BRS to my Kaplan book ! Ill read every topic once giving 10 days for each and be finished in like May and then start Qbank...Physio is a nightmare to me so I put it to near-the-end places in the schedule ... sound good??? my plan I mean rolling eyes


yeah!! physiology is a nightmare shaking head , but i started this month...i hope finish it soon. Your plan sound good, just try to follow it.
I'm trying to keep going with my plan, i'm using kaplan books and first aid until May like you, and then i will start with Obank.
Well...just we need keep going...FORCE!!! nod
Good Luck


good luck 2u2 smiling face keep in touch


I was like a chicken without head before the exam. But I guess the best idea ( my best friend's idea) was to alternate study with tests! It worked ( patially!!!grin)


Try answering questions. UW is great. Do it subject-wise in tutor mode. They explain the concept behind each answer and also give quick hit points. The questions can be a bit hard but you'll cover a lot of ground and it'll keep you active. Just don't look at it as a test of your knowledge. Use it as a kind of interactive review book.

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