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can anyone gives 4 reasons for an elevated MSAFP?


1 ) Most common cause : Gestacional Error Age

2 ) Neural tube defect


also gastroschisis, omphalocele,, fetal death and placental abruption, fetal death


can yolk sac tumor be included too?


Causes of an increased MS AFP are:
Dating error (most common cause)--> Proceed with ultrasound.

If MS AFP is still elevated, causes include:
Ventral wall defect
Placental blood
Renal disease
Sacrococcygeal Teratoma

If no explanation on sonogram, proceed with Amniocentesis..

Causes of increases MS AFP with a normal AF AFP are:
Still birth
Pregnancy induced HTN

It is decreased in Down's and Edwards.


& what about yolk sac tumour DR.Virgo?


Yup, AFP is also a tumor marker for Yolk sac tumor (it would be increased) in children and men with this type of tumor, but this is not an Ob issue, as I think these occur later on in life. correct me if I'm wrong.

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