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 Preparing while working full time..  

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Precarious position
grad 2004
working fulltime in psychiatry UK
step 1 diet between feb-apr
reading kaplan step 1 notes
one reading of micro, genetics, beh science and pharm done so far,, (not able to retain anything!)

i will strive hard this weekend, complete immuno once and start patho.
Todays goal is immunology chapters 6-7-8-9




Good luck to you in your preparation and exam afterward. You can do it,even working full time, everything is in your hands ! The first reading is the hardest, don't despair, many of us here have the feeling of not retaining anything. Just keep going and you will find your way to the step 1.


thanks goodgirl.

I finished 6-7-8-9 as planned but well into late night. Got up at 11 this am.. house is in a mess, needs cleaning, cooking and shopping groceries..
all that apart - now remaining chapters - totally 92 pages.. can I do it?
I will... I can... I must...


immunology is done now.. once
after struggles - juniors wanted MRCPsych part1 teaching - took 4 hours away from me
then unexpected visitors - staying overnight- another 8 hrs gone.
but good now immuno is donewith - dunno how much i retain though

Had to go to library and borrow books...
want to do physio instead of pathology.. as a study partner is available on phone doing physio

i think i can do first 75 pages = 4 chapters today in physio
when i get bored i will do questions on immuno from BR.
now off to supermarket...


its 1 45AM/ need to go to work tomorrow
but managed to finish physio 4 chapters as planned
75 pages - was easy as it was quite basic..
the tough fight starts now.. week days and studying...

want to continue with same pace.. another 90 pages tomorrow.. can i do it?
the more i read, the more confident i will become... success feeds success...
Let me try.. sincerely


whew.. done 90 pages in full pace! got atleast an hour free during work.. its only 2355 now... still 2 more hours before i sleep.. let me do some cardiac muscle physiology.. can i do 30 more pages?.. i think i can.. will see... if i carry on i can finish physio one reading by this weekend.. then i can go to path over weekend.+ anatomy, biochem in 3 weeks.. will leave me with full 7 weeks for revision and taking qbanks.. before exam.. sounds good.. i can apply for some leave .. say 4-5days before exam.. I will strive harder...


so i have done 135 pages yesterday = some 8 hrs work.. slept at 315Am got up at 800AM.. and read for an hour this am.. couldnt complete whole cardiac stuff.. some review qs to do.. i will complete respiratory and renal today - some 120 pages.. i can take some time off today.. as there is a boring meeting this PM..

All for the importance of being earnest!!!


72 pages so far 2de.. had time off but wasted browsing... its midnight 12 now.. let me sleep...


Hi lena123
You are doing very good, you are studying hard, just take care of your body and take enough sleep!!! Thats very important for an effective study!! So take care of yourself.
When exactly is your exam??



hi sasa thanks for encouragement. I have feb-april diet.. planning to book a date at the end of april. When i s yours and hows your study going?


today there is a busy clinic.. i have to read renal and acidbase balance and make a start on endocrine.. if i can do this then thursday - on call day - can manage only 2 hours max to read. Friday i can complete physiology . I need to stay focussed... work harder..


Hi Lena
My study is going well, I have the exam on May 7th! Long way to go but studying with FA + UWq is kinda fun so it's ok! I try to keep the motivation high by doing q and sports! that helps a lot, makes your head clear smiling face
you are doing good,




hi sasa07 - thanks for ur tips - i am miles away from any sports! and routine household work gives me good distraction - e.g cooking and doing dishes..

clinic was not that bad.. so sneaked into library for 2 hours after work...

I finished renal and acidbase balance earlier than i planned - mostly because looking back how i wasted yesterdays time, i made one resolve - physical restraint is the first step to mental restraint.. so i made it a point not to move from library desk from 330 to 610 - calculating 4mins per page aimed to do 40 pages.. its just 600 now, 10 mins saved!! also because acid base balance has always been my favourite..

now its 600PM - i can read upto 200 again this night - but driving home from library will atke 30mins plus cooking and dishes.. another 30 mins.. so 7 hours remaining - if i am good enough i should make use of atleast 6 out of 7 - i can read atleast 90 pages then.. that will be half of endocrine..

Let me fight this out now...hope no distraction happens.....


pathetic show.. as planned earlier, 6 hours went by, i studied only 55 pages not 90.. shame.. had a parking ticket and brooded over it.. then wasted time daydreaming... disgusting! It is 0213 AM now.. i am not sleeping till i read further 35 pages .. i know i got to go to work 2moro.. and long day on call 2moro.. but hey, let me be sensible from now on!!


237am.. sorry neeed to sleep now


u are really working very hard.I am reading full time and i am no where near ur amount of pages per day.Is this your 1st read?U are really doin a good job and u are an inspiration for me to work harder and make the most of my "jobless" situationnodnod
Try not to b too hard on yourself though.Okays hope to read from u tomoro.


kykie - yes its my first read. Come, lets work together.. i found setting small weekly targets initially and splitting them to daily ones very useful. also the sense of victory on reaching small targets can help as an incentive to read further.. also when ur not studying keep dreaming and visualising whaere/what you want to be in 2-3 years time.. that will be a gr8 motivation
come on, lets do it together.


today i have to catch up the lost effort of yesterday - by reading during lunchtime the remaining 20-30 pages. then it will be a level this evening, but im on call if its not busy i can do atleast 20 - 30 pages by 10oclock tonight.. that means i can finish Physio first reading by tomorrow - tomorrow is research day, need to focus on it till 5ish.. then i will do usmle study again. Weekend is for path... how exciting!!


i must log my failures in together with success... to be earnest!
Yesterday was an utter waste.. day duty was heavy and busy as other SHO was off sick. on call was not busy but instead of staying and studying at the on call room i did some research work, then went to a friends home for dinner.. read only 20 pages in whole. This AM finished endocrinology.. still review qs to do.. and if i manage git today then physio is done. my exam is on april 27, i booked the date today. need to book for cs too .. in may... so i can apply for 2008 match hopefully..


hi!sorry about how yesterday was for u.Today has been a bit slow for me as well.Had to clean the house as we are expectin visitors tis weekend,I really hope that wont slow my reading too much.I can see we have a similar timeline, I plan on doin my exams late april or early may as well.I am hoping that by march i can start doin q's combined with my reading.May God make it all possible Amin.
all the best with ur studies

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