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toxoplasma gondii is an intracellular parasite that lives inside phagocytic and non phagocytic cells by generating its own intracellular vesicle. this may allow it to avoid recognition and killing by cd8+ lymphocytes, which reqire the presentation of foreign peptides transported into the ER amd loaded into MHC molecules that have :

A . a beta domain instead of beta 2 micro globulin
B . invariant chains
C . a peptide binding groove
D . single transmembrane domain
E . 2 similar chains




please expain your answers


MHCI is the one with beta 2microglobuline (A is out) and both MHCI and MHCII have binding grove for peptide (C is out), MHCII is te one with invariant chain (B is out), 2 similar chains - is something i can not associate with MHCI in any way
D is the only one
besides, MHCII has 2 domains and MHCI has only one transmembraine domaine
am i right?


ya right.....


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