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A 25 year old jehovah,s witness man is scheduled for emergency surgery following a motor vehicle accident in which he sustained pelvic fractures.the patient is competent and lucid before the surgery and refuses the administration of blood products.which course of action is most appropriate in the event of significant intra-operative blood loss?1) administration of packed red cells in the recovery
2)use of call saver
3) administration of hydroxyethyl starch
4) administration of packed cells after obtaining consent
5) intra-operative autologous blood donation


use of starch


sorry the some mistake during printing,second option is use of cell saver.thanks




cell saver


The Cell Saver® autologous blood recovery systems are used in operating room procedures in which there is rapid bleeding or high-volume blood loss.
Answer: 3 for the test (and use cell saver also during the real operation: 3+2(5)

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Another situation: the patient is unconscious, needs blood.
His wife says: no blood, he is Jehovah’s Witness.
Doctor: Did he specifically tell you so in the past?
Wife: No.
Doctor: Do you have the power of attorney? written will?
Wife: No.
Answer: transfuse (the will of the wife and not the patient’s – in the face of the death he could change his mind, faith and religion, he has full right for that)
If he wakes up and says forget about the religion – I would like to live the long life and see my children grow – you transfuse even whole family of his will be against of it.

But if his wife says that her husband told her that if he ever needs the blood transfusion, he does not want to have the blood transfusion in any circumstance.
Answer: do not transfuse (the will of the patient)

Edited by zubr on May 22, 2008 - 8:05 AM

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