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 plant genetics  

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Acertain plant has 8 chromosomes in its root cells: a long metacentric pair, a short metacentric pair, a long telocentric pair and a short telocentric pair> if this plant fertilizes itself (self-pollination), what proportion of the offspring would be expeced to have:

a. four pairs of telocnetric chromosomes
b. one telocentric pair and three metacentric pairs of chromosomes
c. two metacentric and two telocentric chromosomes

-- i am familiar with solving problems concerning how many chromosomes are contained in the daughter cell, or how many chromosomes inherited from either parents should appear... but in this question, the characteristics of the chromosomoes and the probability of their inheritance is being asked. my mind keeps telling me that i possibly cannot predict that because of random segregation, but since it self-pollinated...i think there is a probable answer. only, the method i am inclined to use is the binomial method: (a+b) raised to n. and i don't think it is applicable here... please help?

i'll look into books again after class, if i can find a patterned solution. but i would really appreciate it if someone could explain it to me. =)


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