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Various cytokines serve crucial roles in maturation and stimulation of different cellular subpopulations. Match the cytokine in answers with the most appropriate description of its primary function in items below

a) IL-1
b) IL-2
c) IL-3
d) IL-4
e) IL-5
f) IL-6
g) IL-7
h) IL-8
i) IL-9
j) IL-10
k) gamma interferon
l) transforming growth factor-beta

1) Produced by helper T cells, enhances both class I and II MHC expression, also promotes immunoglobulin switching to IgG and IgE, in mice

2) Produced by many cell types such as B cells, macrophages, and monocytes, enhances natural killer cell activation and stimulates helper T cell activation

3) Produced by platelets, lymphocytes and macrophages, attracts other macrophages and monocytes, incduces IL-1 production


2)?thought this was IL12



Correct answers

1) D: IL-4
2) A: IL-1
3) L: TGF-B

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