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 lipid MAtching  

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MAtch the lipids below with the most appropriate description in the items below:

A) Phosphatidylcholine
B) Phospatidylethanolamine
C) Phosphatidylserine
D) Phosphatidylinositol
E) Sphingomyelin
F) Glucocerebroside
G) Sulfatide
H) Ganglioside G M1
I) Ganglioside G M2
J) Ganglioside G M3
K) Cholesterol

1) this lipid accumulates in Tay-Sachs disease
2) this lipid accumulates in Gaucher;s dis
3) this lipid accumulates in Niemann-Pick disease
4) This lipid is a sphingolipid containing ceramide and phosphocholine
5) This lipid is part of protein kinase C activation chain
6) This lipid is abundant in surfactant
7) this lipid is important for regulating membrane fluidity




u r correct except for grin 4) E but I should have said that u can use a choice once, more than once or not at all, my bad

1) i: ganglioside G M2
2) f: glucocerebroside
3) e: sphingomyelin
4) e: sphingomyelin
5) d: phosphatidylinositol
6) a: phosphatidylcholine
7) k: cholesterol

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