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failed cs in the ice first failure in my entire academic life.feeling awful!!!!

thinking of joining a six day kaplan cs course at chicago.if somebody has any experience with kaplan cs course be so kind to share your thoughts with us.i don't know whether i should join this course or is not the problem but i don't want to be misled.please give me your honest advice.


Did you practice with a friend before going into the exam and if so how many cases did you preactice. I am sure you dont need the Kaplan to clear. Just take a friend preferrably a doc and practice at least 30 cases before going in. I am an old IMG and been away from clin practice for 6 years but I think the main factor that helped me pass is the pratice on a real person. I had a mental clock and a mental protocol on asking the questions. They have raised the bar for ICE so we have to be more adept at history taking and physical exam. ICE includes the smiling, introduction, ending, counseling, history taking etc. So I would say just practice and you will be fine. And like the mother of all cliches.....there is a first time for everything.


hi bikerdoc,

thanks for your reply.i didn't practiced with a friend but found somebody to discuss cases in a time limit e.i. 7-8 minutes every case on internet.but regarding the physical exam i could not do enough lowest score was on patient note with the stars touching the exttreme left side of the score report.used first aid exclusively for my preparation.what is your opinion about kaplan cs book?


i think usmle world and first aid take 1st and 2 nd position
kaplan takes 3rd
usmle world is best


Kingkong are you an IMG? I am an IMG, I did the kaplan 6 days course. I don't have my score yet. But I feel good with my test thanks to the course. I feel it as a very good course even for the price.


yes, eaguin i am an img just like you.please tell me about your experience with 6day course.did u joined the course at chicago?after how many days did you gave the exam?if i would join a course at kaplan, the gap between my exam and course completion is of 10 days.are these ten days enough to revise what they taught in the course?how many cases did they made you to practice in this course?i know that the sixth day is just like the real exam but i don't have any idea for the first five days.did they taught you how to write a legible patient note?please be so kind to answer to my queries.u can also reach me at [email protected]


Hi Kingkong I took my course in Newark, NJ. The location and facilities of the place are awesome. I took it 11 days before the real test. And personally I would preferred to take it even closer. 10 days is more than enought to review the course. But you MUST read the book that kaplan is going to send you before you take the course (I took me two weeks to read it, but maybe you cand do it faster).

I asked you if you were IMG, because in this course I found out that the medical praxis in my home country have some little differences of what they are expecting that you do in this STEP 2 CS. They corrected me some mistakes that I would done in the real exam.

The firts five days are the most important, they teach you all the tricks and you will do 12 standarized patients with feed-back, the sixth day you will do 12 new encounters with a little feed-back. The sixth day by itself is not that usefull if you didn't do the other five days.

Yes they teach you how to write the patient note FOR THIS TEST.

Kingkong if you have the money don't think that much about it, otherwise practice a lot with a partner who has taken the test before.

good luck my friend.... smiling face


thanks eaguin for your reply,

you mentioned about the cs this the same book which anybody can buy at
i know that the new book from kaplan was out in late august 2006.i have already ordered this book from should i return this back if kaplan woould send me the similar book before my course?


It is the same book, but they teach you things that are not in the book during the course. And what I think is the most important thing, They corrected your mistakes that maybe you are not aware of.

If you are taking the course send your order in amazon back. It is the same book that you are paying for with the course. Kaplan would send you that book as soon as you pay.

good luck....


thanks a lot EAGUIN for anwering my concerns.plenty of good wishes from my side for your result.u will definitely pass with high stars on the right of the score report.please share your happiness with me once your result is out.take care!!!!


I expect to post the good new on january 31. You have to share your experience about the course and exam too. Merry Christmas to you...


to eaguin,
merry christmas and a wonderful new year to you my dear friend.

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