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 CS experience - Failed  

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hi guys,
Maybe someone can help me a little.
I failed CS. failed the "Communication and Interpersonal Skills" part.

I couldn't finish 7-8 cases. couldn't discuss diagnosis and couldn't ask concerns. ..
can anybody help me out. how to be quick and how to go quick in PE and what should i do to improve my INTERPERSONAL SKILLS.
thanks. u will be of real help.
and one more question. am I still eligible for Match??.. I am reappearing on 6th Febraury..
Congrats to who passed..
Thanks a lot.


paxyl171 that is good idea to take it on febraury again, if you have the money think about taking the kaplan course for this test. Also, try to practice with a partner all the cases from UW and FA. Good luck...


Hi Payl171, sorry to ear about ur test, I´m taking mine in january and I´m doing FA and UW wich found very helpful and I think and have listened from people who have passed that PRACTICE with SP it´s crucial to learn how to be faster and work on time management, as Eaguin says

Hope you do well next timesmiling face, Best Wishes


hi,sorry to hear abt ur failure

better luck next time

im takin da test on feb6 too

in chicago

hope i do well

goodluck to u




dear paxyl,i took in october 06 and i passed sorry to hear about ur result ...but dont thing is to have a partner ...and practice and being confident ...and dont try to do each and eveytihng in the clinical examination part ..thats where we lose out on closing the encounter ...remember loqoraaa and pamhugsforss thats the bible for cs ...its just that u should have asked bit of everything and clinical examination superficial no need to do everything ...but concentrate on other things knocking ..washing hands taking permission ..providing foot rest empathising and sympathising being a good doc will get u thru...and be confident all the best ...


therainmaker x 2.

First think to point out here: during the encounter, interpersonal and communication are more important than the clinical component. So your first priority is the PROPER PATIENT-PHYSICIAN relationship (knocking the door, eyes looking, ask permission, washing hands, asking concerns, etc.). Another priority is to close the encounter. If you run out of time, skip some part of the physical examination. the PE is in fact the jolly you can use when you run out of time. If the patient has respiratory disease and you run out of time, just do the pulmonary PE and skip the rest. it wont hurt if you are nice, you smile, you respect the patient and you ask for concerns. Same thing if he is neurological, orthopedic, etc. The rule is when you run out of time, be focused. You will save in this way plenty of time and you-ll complete the encounter.

Remember, the encounter is scored by the SP. it is not a physician so he cant juge you at a medical point of you. But he can judge your ability to communicate, self confidence and respect of human being. This is why even if you dont know anything about the differentials or the diagnosis or if you skip some PE, it wont hurt if you are confident, honest and kind. Many people here did terrible encounters (medically) but stayed calm and courteous and they passed.

But the patient notes are evaluated by a physician. Therefore, if you are allowed to be medically deficient during the encounter, you are not allowed the same in your notes. 10 minutes will seem too few at first but if you practice, you'll be fine.

PS: I passed my CS last june.

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