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 Genetic relatedness between siblings  

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Forgive me for barging into this forum, but google 'genetics' and 'forum', and you guys get a podium spot. Here's my question:

Two parents, two children.

Is is accurate to say that the genetic relatedness between each sibling is 50%?

The odds of both siblings sharing any particular gene are 50%, so a 50% relatedness would pan out over a large sample if tested (true?)

However, its statistically possible for two siblings relatedness to be nothing like 50% - over or under. I understand the basics of meiosis etc, and appreciate everything is shuffled thoughroughly before forming 23 new chromosomes from father and mother. Does this mean there's a reasonable percentage of relatedness (say between 40% and 60%) that every pair of siblings conform to, because of the unlikelyhood of anything else?

Not including those gene's that fiddle the odds in meiosis so they propigate quicker (or do all gene's to this to some degree?)

As you can see my understanding of this particular issue is hazy. I've read one or two pop science books (selfish gene etc), but I still can't grasp this and its incredibly irritating!

Please help me out. Any links or explanations you find the time to write...

Kinds regards, grin


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