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 scarlet fever vs. Rheumatic Fever<:flag:  

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What are the main differences between the 2 infections. Please can someone tell me. Thanks :!: <:flag:>


Rheumatic Fever is Non-spurative complication of Scarlet Fever...That is the main difference...


I think scarlet fever is the direct infection of streptococcus whereas rheumatic fever is the result of immune reaction to the organism and so it occurs about 1 month after infection.
So the scarlet fever is the supporting evidence for the diagnosis of rheumatic fever.


Both are caused by S pyogenes. Clinical manifestations depend on which exotoxin is expressed. Erythrogenic toxin (superantigen) --> rash/ SF.

Spyogenes skin infections (impetigo, cellulitis, erysepilas) are the ones that --> acute (post-strep) glomerulonephritis.

Spyogenes pharyingitis --> rheumatic fever

(BRS Micro & Immuno, pg41-42)


thanks grin

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