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 which hormone  

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On gastroenterology rounds, the attending is questioning you about your knowledge of secretory hormones of the GI tract. Which of the following hormones is responsible for stimulating pancreatic enzyme secretion, stimulating gallbladder contraction, and inhibiting gastric acid secretion?

A. Cholecystokinin

B. Gastrin

C. Pepsin

D. Secretin

E. Somatostatin


D :?:


I think it's A) CCK


choice a


Ans A. Cholecystokinin

  #6 causes pancreatic enzyme secretion, stimulating gallbladder contraction and inhibiting gastric acid secretion because gastric acid will cause the degradation of pancreatic enzymes .....


CCK: cause pancreatic ENZYME secretion

Secretin : cause pancreatic HCO3 secretion



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