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HADDDDDDDDDDDDD enuough of fulll time tafreeh,non stop procrastination.....really had enough!! I did soooooooooooo much of time wasting that now I cant even think of it !!

Original elig.period: Oct -Dec 2006
Extended one: Jan- Mar 2007
Done : perhaps 2[not even sure of that] reads,vvv hap hazard, negligible Qs till date.
Need to do : 2 vgood reads, DVDs of some subjects, Qs to be practiced a hell lot !!
Condition: Pregnant with my v first baby [Cant thank ALLAH enough], a housewife & a lazy but with great potential student!!
Also need: Loads of PRAYERS from my fellow colleagues,my prayers to all who are studying & working hard,may we all succeed soon inshaALLAH!!

TODAY: Immunology with Goljan's 100 pages[5 of them ] & FA [10/15 pags @ night.


I did not write any fancy messages,no fancy attractive lines here ,coz NOW I want hard work & just plain simple hard work!! Did enough of beating abt the bush already,wish me luck!!


ALLAH give you great strenght ...
you can do it.
you have total 110 days in your hand which i think alot..
if you take 10 day brreaks bcz ur consition will fine u need rest too so
left 100 days make plan for all subjects and divid your days which suject u r good start with that...
make u feel good and speed end quickly....
dont worry about qs...i think do REVISION AS MUCH AS U CAN DO....
take alot water and good food u 'll fine
we all here help u if need JUST GOOD WORDS...myself i m mom so i think i know how hard with baby and study....but TRUST ME MORE....HARDER THAN AFTER BABY...SO DO IT NOW ...take care bye.


oh its nic e to see you again .........i thought u were done with the step , u and salmonella were in full steam and your journal was soo inspiring .............anyways , the beauty about this exam is that it gives you as much time as you want 'coz trust me its testing a lot more than just your studies ..........

don't worry , welcome aborad ..........this time u'll do it


You can do it.You have more than enough time if you put your heart and mind to it.

I am struglging between emotions of lost time a bad score and being a really crappy student.But we have to do this.we can I know..

Good luck.


hi bodetella u can do it and u know what naw is much much easier try to finish it by the way r u iranian


hi prayers with u....reading ur journal, just reminding me the exact same situation i faced 1 and half year back ...may ALLAH GIVE U strenght to do it ....ameen....unfortunately, i coudnt do it with my pregnancy ....i submitted the fees , and extented period also fell arround my due special duas with u.....keep it up....nod


wish U a great stamina ! Enjoy your pregnancy as much as your preparation for the exam ! wink

Keep it up mommy !


Thanks a LOT,JazaakALLAH khair to all of u , I am so touched.Just wanna wish u all the same,ir loadsss of prayers & best luck,inshaALLAH we shall all do it & infact ace it!!

I am a Pakistani,living in Canada after wedding. Thanks dear moms...ur experiences wud really guide u & us too along the way, I know its way better to take it now b4 my baby comes, he has started kicking me from inside btw!!smiling facesmiling face & I am LOVING that MashaALLAH!!

Ya medocuk & Dowite 2002,dont worry u guys will do it this time definitely!!! I know Dowite 2002 I am dreading that period...May ALLAH give us all the strength to passs thru this time with our full efforts inshALLAH! I am alos a dowite,2003 batch..perhaps we even kow each other!!

Take care all of u dear friends!!


Ya fruity we were doing good ,Salmonella is alos struggling her exam was a lil earlier than me but she has extended it now. Mine was in dec but now taking it a fter a mth or so...Keep praying please!!Loved to see some old fellas too here..

Good girl thanks a lot yaar for the good luck & Dowite 2002 again JazaakALLAH for ur special prayyers,I am moved yaar!!


buckle up brodetella,

thinking really takes up all the tim.

leave the veil of fears behind and spread ur wings to fly.

buddy u can do it.all the best


YA Smal...I guess I have spread my wings ,tyhanks for the words of encouragement,we live by these no??? U too all the best & keep us all in prayers.


hi ...
good to see u r dowite too......perhaps , we know each other..u r just 1 yr junior than me...
will love to hear from ur side......keep going...


Thanks dowite2002,good luck to u too....I used to go in the Gulshan point to DOW,btw what are u doing nowadays,when is the exam & how did u mange ur time all along after u cud not take the giant earlier b/c of ur due dates & all....hows ur baby???

Keep writing, we boost each others morals this way no?nod


Hello all...I am beginning with a v new zeal & enthusiasm ....I have prayed endlessly to my CREATOR....I was a good student of my times,hae loads of expectations of all friends,family with ME.

I can also take the exam just for fun & just pass it or something but then GOD FORBID the thought that I cud have given it my 100% wud linger with me on forever perhaps.

I came this time to ask a LOT OF PRAYERS from u guys as well,who are like an extended family ,Pray that I take the giant before my baby comes in this world & not just take it like that...ACE it inshaALLAH. I pray ALLAH grants me the courage & stamina to work really hard,day in & day out of what remaining time I have.

Please pray haan!!

Btw I am listening to DVDs & reading well the text side by side,shall allot time for GOljan 100& 36 pgs & FA daily too!! weakest point to be dealt daily too inshaALLAH!!

Loads of luck & prayers to everyone out there!!


Helo Bordetella,

LOADS of DUAS for u. U will inshallah ace the exam this time, and u will welcome ur baby with a free mind .

I am praying for u.


btw. I am a dowite too. and have just started my step 1 prep.


hi tons of duas for u....look like u r in full spirit now ..u will do it inshallah .and will enjoy with ur son is now 1 n half yr old and i m rejoining my studies again after such along break....still very hard to go along with both the things ...but i m trying to do so....good luck


Hi bordetella, keep up the good work.

I read today your journal, the title caught my eye, it´s either now or never!!, I am in a similar situation.

My original period was sep-oct-nov, so I extended the period and now it ends on the 28th of February, and I haven't finished even one read of one subject, I work 7 hours a day mon-friday, and teach a class in the mornings starting mid January, so right now I am facing the option of trying to get this 8 weeks off work so that I can try to prepare for the biggest exam of my life, in only 8 weeks, because I FEEL THAT I AM STARTING FROM SCRATCH, since I lost so much time.
OR, realizing that I won't ace the exam in 8 weeks, and reapplying and repaying it, wich is tough but 2 months is so little time.

Like you I was a very good student, well, not great, but better than average, and family and friends expect so much, they think I can make it in these 8 weeks, but I am not sure I can afford not to work this 8 weeks.

Everyone tells us that we should prepare at 3 to 6 months, 8 hours a day, and suddently I am afraid to go for it in only 8 weeks.

Seeing how you have procrastinated also and that you are full speed now, serious in your studyes gives me hope for myself!!!

Good luck, have a safe wonderfull pregnancy, God bless!


Hello Friends,Thanks a lot SHEENA2005,DOWITE2002 & NOVAK75 for ur DUaas & well wishes,My prayers & best of luck for u guys too!!

U know what NOVAK ,I can understand how u must be feeling ,I had a partner who had to RE submit the fees all over again just because she cud not prepare for the exam on time, I always considered her decision v tough & I guess I at least cannot do that. I shall feel like I cud not even reach a pre set deadline & wus always consider myself a loser!!

BUT Novak there are tough times in ones life, situations more imp than the exam so U please take ur decision with great care & after thinking deeply !!

InshaALLAH ,U will & CAN take the exam in 2 weeks too as they say EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE IF ONLY U BELIEVE!!!!

SO dear friend just PRAY hard to ur GOD,keep ur spirits high & put ur maximum efforts thsi time.....InshaALLAH with GOD's help ,ur dedication & ur lovedones' goodwishes & prayers U WILL achieve ur goal!!

MY prayers for U ,all of u!!


My studies:

Alhamdolillah were going in full swing but my hubby's vacations[its christmas here] came,though he did not disturb me a bit,but had to go to 3 dinners to ppl. places I have not been to since ages b/c of the exam.Now ijust cud not refuse the invites any more,so had to!! B'c of the daily fatigue,I also felt ill but now Am better ALhmadolillah!!

Also I prepared for our upcoming EID b4 hand so InshaALLAH from today I shall be giving full time again to books. Just on EID I shall have to take 1/2 a day off as I have a dinner @ my place so shall have to cook.

To be done in december[5 days to go]:

BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE[Remaining few lectures + a quick read]
ANATOMY[Quick read]
MICRO[FA ...some pages].....INSHAALLAH!!

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