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 prematch offers.seniours plz advice  

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hi guys.many of you have received prematch offers .i need a lil advice on it.two scenarios a interview i was asked if i would accept prematches .i said yes and they said that they will be contacting people regarding prematches after a few weeks.when i contacted them a lil later they said that they were considering me but wud like me to have my step 3 score as soon as possible and then they would be definite.,
2.a second program .i asked them abt a prematch after my interview by email.they replied that i was being strongly considered for prematch.when i called them they said they need a lil more time to decide for sure as they had just started interviewing and showed strong interest on phone.

who do u think is more genuine guys.1 or 2.plz this how it happens or is this a weird case


if you need a H1B visa, you have to give Step 3 before most programs will offer a pre-match.

Both programs sound genuine to me. You will make it easy for them to decide by passing step 3.


yes both offer h1 .and i have my step 3 exam soon.any other comments???


prepare for step 3, it is not as easy as step 2. dont take it lightly, even though score does not matter.

good luck. ngt.


thanks ngt.i am preparing seriously.but i will get my result by 18th till then how shd i approach these programs.

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