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A 55YRold male with type 1 DM and with H/O microalbuminuria has hypertension.which of the antihypertensive would best suit the condition


Ace inhibitor captopril


answer a




This is too simple a question......the real question is ........

What if the patient has a C/I to ACE B/L renal artery stenosis....
what wld be the drug of choice in that setting?

and by the way it is not in the list........





No :oops:

It wldn't be right cause Losartan still works on Angiotensin and you still would compromise the renal Circulation and cause Renal Failure in the patient...

Losartan wld be given when cough is a side effect of ACE I...but when there is a complication related to Angiotensin then it wld be useless....

Give it another shot :wink:


I would choose from:
a calcium chanel blocker
or an alfa chanel blocker
or a central inhibitor like clonidine.
All of these drugs should not affect the renal perfusion.


Yes that is correct.....

But out of all these the ones tested statistically to improve renal function , prevent diabetic nephropathy in a diabetic with microalbuminuria are the ones u put first on ur list ......the non-dihydropyridine Ca++ channel antagonists and they are verapamil and diltiazem......

Of course they remain to be 2nd line agents to the the ACE I

Hey another thing good i got a chance to tell u thanx for this site......
Good Job

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