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 pass rate about step2 cs after july 2006.  

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Hi friends, today i came to know that so many persons failed step2 cs who gave it after it true? actually i want to give by the end of december..but hearing that i was scared..and please let me know, if any of u guys who passed, please tell me about this...i have usmle world last yr material and first aid also last yr is this materials enough now?

so please tell me without delay, as i want to finsih this exam soon...

is pass rate is greater than failure rate or not? is any difference before july and after july of this exam...thank u so much .


what u heard is right. many students flunked the exam when the results came on OCT 11 compared to the previous ones..


that's right.

They increased the requirements for CIS and ICE from July 15 and lots of people took the exam after that date flunked.

let's pray and hope for the best.


i wish i had an idea how this exam is actually graded. i feel like it is one big mystery. also it is only natural that the failure rate has increased after they raised their standards that was their goal by doing so. this is terrible.


thats the last thing i wanted to hear!!!!

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