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 for those who failed  

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hey Baku, I took my test a year ago in Atlanta, it was fine. I think it is a myth that one center is IMG-friendlier than the other, they are probably all the same. Just be prepared and be aware that this is a test for clinical skills, not for knowledge, the most important thing is how you talk with the SP, and of course you need to write a proper note.
Good luck.


thanks man


hey... i think i can suggest something to help you guys.. i was taking coachings from Dr Suyash @Vision institute.. i feel i can solve any case bu i lacked confidence.. but he made me practice so many cases.. and to my surprise many of my exam cases actually came from my class session.. you can get him thru his website: ... his cell # is: +91 9953557759
.. i also know he takes online classes as i had seen him tak class for a lady in US....

Wish you all a very best of luck..


Dear CS taker,
if interested for online classes and guidance contact at [email protected]


Hi guys...I also failed the CS, with low and * in the ICE component..I´m pretty sure that I did all the questions in most of the cases, that was it surprise me...anyway I´m planning re-take the exam, I don´t know how soon...or how to change my study...what do you think about skype coaching? It would help me? Is it worthy?...Any advise? Thnaks


For those who can take it in the next month or so, first aid for CS and knowing the proper exams and DX's is all you need

Practice with real people it helps

For those who will not take it till later in 2012, the changes are significant, please update yourself with the NEW exam

Old posts and web sites claiming to help will not help enough from what I have seen, please read the material on the changes at the USMLE web site or will risk failing / Failing again


DRFP. I really want to thank to you. Because you have given the answer exactly what I was looking for from the get-go.


hi there everybody i failed my CS second time.... in ICE this time everything else was a little higher than borderline. can anybody tell me my chances of even getting an interview for family residency plz............HELP i need my mind in one place to study for CK, scored low on second attempt on step 1 189/77


other than that in the write up I missed some important tests and such. But I think the note was otherwise good.


The keys to passing Step 2 CS come from understanding the purpose of the examination. It is designed to assess whether or not a student doctor has the clinical acumen (physical examination skills, clinical knowledge) and interpersonal ability (patient interview, patient note) to function as a licensed health care provider in the United States. Unfortunately for the IMG, the number of medical students in the United States is rising without a compensatory rise in the rate of residency positions. This is resulting in an already competitive undertaking (matching into a US residency as an IMG) becoming even more difficult. The step 2 CS is just one tool that the ECFMG uses to ascertain which IMGs should be seriously considered for a training position in the US. As such, it is a very important examination, more so for the IMG than the American trained medical student.

Passing the test requires you to master what the test presents. Many IMGs struggle with English proficiency, which can be manifested during the patient encounter, or in a sub-standard note. Standardized patients’ job is to help fail student doctors who cant demonstrate proficiency in the English language, as they often can not deliver optimal care to patients in a predominantly English speaking country.

Having read these forums for some time, I am amazed by the number of solicitors to help you pass this examination. From exorbitantly expensive live courses, to countless skype tutors, there is no lack of options to help prepare for this test. As someone who has tutored for this examination in the past, I can tell you that a principle mistake IMG’s often make is to seek help from non-native English speakers. Lists of “common phrases” wont mask poor English, only frequent practice with a fluent English speaker will help. While it is frustrating to have an additional expense on top of the cost of the USMLE examinations, the cost of quality tutoring is more than worth the cost of the examination if it helps you pass. Failing wont bar you from residency, but it is a “red flag” on your application. Multiple failed attempts often prevent applicants from consideration.

There are a handful of native English speaking skype (or live) tutors, and I encourage you to reach out to one of them if you know you have weaknesses that may result in failing this examination. If you have already failed and are taking the test again, this is even more crucial. Don’t let cost keep you from passing a test (that costs well over $1000 on its own)!! As a resident matched in a top US ophthalmology program, I have excelled in all 3 step examinations. I have tutored for years, recently tutoring for step 2 cs. I attempt to work with a couple students a month, and you can email me if you are interested ([email protected]). If I have a spot available, we can work together to help you pass this test. Expect rigorous preparation. Failing, especially multiple times, can ruin your chance of residency in the United States and I work hard to prevent that. My services are not cheap, but you will get 1-to-1 tutoring with a native English speaking MD who has proven to be an effective teacher. Ill be happy to help you if I have spots available.

S Smith, MD

[email protected]

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