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 for those who failed  

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hi to all

I ve passed my CS but i practised with 2 frnds who were unfortunate in first attempt ,so during my practice i was with them...i can suggest few tips that i gathered from them
  1. do the closing in almost every case---- but in doing so you would have to sacrifice some part of exam---- what i did was to skip the irrevalent examination---like if it is CVS case i usually ve done the GPE and CVS only ---- in doing so i did closing in almost every case
  2. be prepared for the odd opening scenarios and question that can be asked in the start in these cases--- like headache patient covering his eyes, mom of child walking anxiously on entering , acute abdomen patient lying to one side, etc------ in this case i used to do starting like this-------hello miss xyz i am dr xyz ----- is everything ok miss xyz, is there any thing botthering you in this room, or how can i help you, ---- at this patient will utter something----now reassure patient ----like i understand your concern miss xyz, i know you are already earing alot,let me assure you that i m here to help you and will do my level best to make you more comfortable----now proceed to further Hx
  3. i made few fixed sentences for the challeging question like--- whatever the concern of the patient --- i start like this---- i understand your concern / situation, its really tough time for you / you are already bearing alot ( you can make four sentences by above statement and use them if ptient ask more than one question) then address the actual concern.
  4. if you dont remember the DD then at least make up your mind that you will ask from 2 or more system question like CVS and RESP question. this will help you in data gata gathering
  5. in fatigue and weight loss case system to be asked are Depression (mood,memory and sleep),Anxiety, Thyroid , then appetie then move to GIT then ask one to 2 questin from CVS or Resp
  6. in amenorrhea or irregular menses case sequence should be like---- gyne---sexual Hx----then OBs( one of my friend asked patient obs Hx b4 Sex Hx and patient was pissed of and said how can i be pregnant when i am not sexually active) above sequence should be followed
  7. i had a case of paeds---when i entered the room mom was walking anxiously in room---and aid she is concerned about her child----to this i said--- i understand your concern miss xyz,its really difficult situation for you.but i need to ask few questions about your child's health so please can you sit down so that we can talk about your child's health-----on this she sat down and rest of case went smoothly.
  8. few question that SPs ask frequently-----will i be ok/when i will be able to go to hiking/golf/trip.....again same opening statement----i understand your concern miss xyz,its really difficult situation for you.first let us wait for test results then i will be better position to awnser your questions.but let me assure yout that i am here to help you, and i hope you will be fine / able to go to hiking etc

so i hope you ppl will like some tips about the CIS, and good luck to all. if any questions i will be happy to help you all. you can e-mail me on [email protected]



As I was free during these days I really wanted to help people who are to take Step 2 CS.
I know it really worries you a lot especially if you are a foreign graduate.

If you really like to get free advise and training please contact me at [email protected]
Especially if you have failed once this will really help you. I passed myself in the third attempt. I even enrolled in a famous coaching center at NY and flunked. I realized the importance of my friends and the next time I had them help me out. So if you are worried about your former CS failure please contact me. I am staying at Chicago and you really get a train to my place from downtown.

All the best for the CS takers

Follow Ups:


I need CS in February!can anybody help me!!!!!
[email protected]


hey all,

i am writting this blog for the first time. my CSA in february in Los Angeles. I flunked the first time and its my second attempt. could someone pleae gimme some tips about the preparations in the last 2 weeks? also how is the LA as exam centre? also , does the ecfmg certificate mentions the number of attempts of the exams? does the transcripts mention the umber of attempts?

thanks all of you.. i am really really worried and scared this time.


what are the DIGITAL DOC'S tips for the exam day? what are neeraj's notes? my exam in LA in feb.. can someone gimme tips plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


shaking head

I am very disapointed,yesterday I got my result, I failed I am sure I did all things like knocking door,greeting,I asked PAM FOSS HUG in most of the cases i am sure that i asked relative question too,my english is not perfect and I have been having problem with my listening but my data gathering got the lowes performance not my language skill!!

I agree with FUCS, really it is not fair exam ,ok, guys I am eager to read you advise,

what should I do for passing,I belive practice plays more important role I think we can practice to gether with skype

do you agree with me?



need any help or free advice please contact me

[email protected]


Hi Guys,

I thought it would help someone out there if I post my experience, so here it is.

The first time I took my CS early this year at Chicago. I am an IMG and have been observing at a reputable Uni for the last 2 years and so was so confident about the mannerism of the residents that I thought it would be a cake-walk. Well I practiced well, took advice from friends and took the CS. Result : Fail. I did extrememly well on mannerisms and other things but was way low on Data Gathering. I was shocked to read the result and thought it to be a mistake and applied for a re-eval only to get a result 4 weeks result to say I have Failed and that is consistent.

As I started thinking about my shortcomings intially I had a tough time to analyze why I did FAIL. There are som many unsure things about the CS which is a subjective exam. Should we take BP or not? Should we take Orthostatic BP or not? Should we wash hands or wear gloves?

As I started working on my second attempt, I started to realize how I can do things differently. I practiced with a different set of friends. Got more feedback from them and took the exam again, this time in Houston. Even after the exam I was not confident about the result because there were not many things that I did differently, infact for 3-4 cases I was not able to complete a Physical Examination and close.

Just got my result moments ago today: Pass.

Now when I think about what I did differently the second time, here is what I did. The first time I did a very focussed history taking and examination. As I was used to observing residents in Neurology who did a very focussed examination on their patients, I followed their practice and did a focussed exam assuming things. I never took BP for a single patient.

Second time, I did a comprehensive examination for each case. I followed the entire format in the notes. Asking each question mentioned in typical cases in practice books. Not leaving a single question, asking way more than I should. It gave me less time to do a physical examination (2-3 mins), but even in this time I touched all systems briefly. Did not do one system completely but some imp things of each. Took BP when necessary.

I think this was the answer to my failure- A Comprehensive History Taking and Short Comprehensive Physical Examination.

Do not get discouraged with your failure. I do know the feeling to see a negative result when you least expect it, but the only way to get answers to your failure is to use the exam graph for working on your weakness and practice again with an open mind thinking of ways you can do things differently.

Good luck guys.


hi guys i failed the exam in ICE .I m totally devastated i really need guidance how to improve in this component


nodI recently cleared my CS in LA. I feel that this exam is all about how you communicate with the SP. This exam is like a medical TOEFL, as my tutor told me - unlike the CK exam, it's a test of your communication skills - not actually your medical knowledge. The physical exam, PN, and how many questions you will ask are important, but not as critical as your manner, and how you interact and speak with your patients. For our Asian students (and other IMG's), if you’re not confident about the SEP and CIS part of the exam, you need to find a good, native English tutor to practice with and let him correct your pronunciation/intonation, your ‘script’ (or 'formula'), and teach you the common English expression patterns you WILL encounter - like my tutor Art. His contact information is:

Arthur R, Brunelle

[email protected]

His Skype/Yahoo Messenger/MSN Messenger user name is: arobertbrunelle


Guys sign my name here in the list of people that failed CSshaking head.
I hope to make some good contributions now that im preparing properly.


GOGETA wrote:
Guys sign my name here in the list of people that failed CSshaking head.
I hope to make some good contributions now that im preparing properly.

Sucks man PM me if you do not have Kaplan 2009 I have them.


i got my result today, failed in data gathering. poor performance in patient note. i can't believe it.m really frustated..i am thinking of rechecking the score, if possible. do anybody have information about rechecking? is there anybody with same problem? i am feeling down..


if i fail, can I take the cs right away, or have to wait for some time. My score will come out in June 24 (around), but if I fail, do I stll have time to make for the match for 2011. Thanks


Is there an NBME for step 2 CS?

After all the ardous prep for step 1 the best assessment after completing Uworld is to take an NBME? Wish there was one for Step 2 CS to know where we stand.

To me, I think practising with someone who has already passed the exam - gone through the drill - and better still someone who has been guiding and helping /tutoring students across different culture and diversity would be the best bet. They are at a disposition to assess your Communication skills, Data gathering and SPoken English. Try to find at least 2 people to give you an opinion of your skills before you go for the real deal.

I offer the following services:

1) LiveStep 2 CS coaching in India- 2 day weekend course including course material

2) Online course inclusive of study materials and complete history taking sheet (copyrighted)- 10 sessions of 1 hour each

3) Assessment before taking exam (once or twice as per candidates option)

Please visit my website or email at [email protected]. My skype ID is mjjune1

Hoping to help you shine at your very best !!! nod


For free videos and more visit:

  #57 is posting a pass rate of 99% after a 3-5 day preparatory course ... I hear the main issue is English proficiency, interpersonal skills (the way you interact with the standardized patient, demeanor, rapport, and mannerisms) and proper DDx with associated proper physical exam techniques.


who want to pass, don't loose your time and money.. contact me.

Skype: whander07.

I will teach you how to master DATA GATHERING, CIS, and SEP for this exam.

Dont be silly.... go ahead today.



hi guys. Is there anybody here or knows somebody that has failed CS twice. Is there any chance to match.?
step 1 and 2 99 first attempt
good LoR
3mo observership


tel me guys, is there any different between centers? which center is better for cs? what do u think about Atlanta center?
please let me know

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