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 for those who failed  

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i think you need the ecfmg cert by match time definitely need the ecfmg certificate to start residency,
i dont think they will give you a contract without the ecfmg certificate


to those saying its biased towards IMGs...
hello smart people, there are alot of students with accents & non whites in american medical schools.

as for me (passed some time ago):

i did not finish the only complete neuro exam i started, there were 1 or 2 partial neuro i did.

i NEVER did any counseling ... (smoking or other behavior) and i think they all smoked... raised eyebrow

1 of the notes was really messy - i wrote vertically and crossed out things
1 of the notes was very short maybe incomplete (dont remember now)


I was totally expecting to fail. i forgot to ask all of PAMHUGSFOSS for every patient. I don't think I consuled anyone on smoking, and in almost all the cases I was out of the room before the 5 minute mark. I was so nervous I couldn't remember what PAMHUGSFOSS even stands for.

why i think i (barely) passed. i think these are important:

i put the chart down as soon as i walked in, put my hands in my lap and had full eye contact with the patient during the whole interview. after summarizing everything, i then made some small notes.

i washed my hands, and let the patient know i was uncovering part of the gown to listen to lungs then heart, and i thanked the patient immediately.

after the exam i told the patient my assessment and some basic pathophysiology of the disease and what the tests we're going to be ordering. I then asked the patient if they understand/have any questions.

I made an effort to speak slowly and clearly. I was always smiling the whole time, and tried my best to act confident. I protended like it just like a patient we'd see in urgent care clinic.


the exam is biased.. that is what went wrong!!!! I failed it a second time.. the first time I failed the ICE part.. Ok.. I understand if I didn't do well on the ICE but I passed all the other parts.. the second time I did well on the ICE (high scores) and well on my English (born and raised American) and I failed the CIS part... which is funny because I felt better prepared on my CIS part because I remember some of the mistakes that I made from my first attempt.. but some how the failed me.. go figure... what kind of medical doctors do we have in this country? It seems to be a lot of greed.. life really doesn't mean so much. It is all about money... They really show this in this exam.. it reflects very poorly onto the medical profession.. and exam that is judged by people who know nothing about medicine... in a very limited time frame... very pricey.... takes over 2 months to recieve scores (my scores were longer than 2 months)... If they think this is ethical... do you really want these guys to be your doctor... but of course nobody will ever protest because we are all afraid of the system.. we are all afraid of getting our careers destroyed and not having our chance at the piece of the pie... It is sad... I am with all of you all.... and it really sucks!!!!!! If they fail me again.. I will expose them though because then I won't care about this lame ass profession if they are going to make unethical exams and unethical rules, if they fail me a third time, they will be exposed..... hahahahaha




of course a lot of you will probably believe that it is I who wasn't prepared enough... if it makes you feel better to think that it was I who was not prepared then you should think that... hahahaha


FUCS wrote:

How to read your message?

Do not put anything like that on your patient note - you will fail...


If you really think the "system" is unethical, why're u taking it the third time? Why not be strong and 'expose' them now! Do you really wanna pass it now and be a part of such a biassed and unethical system? raised eyebrow

Dude, this is all in bad taste. Failing twice sure feels bad, but you'll do good by finding the fault in yourself and retake the exam and pass it. 'Cos afteral, thats what you're gonna do, arent you? rolling eyes


You guys suck.. If you really think it is ethical to have people working for beer money to grade doctors then you are not worth the time. If you really think it makes you a better doctor than so be it... and Justice... it's Gibberish... you should be able to read it quite well.. hahahahaha


yeah ok there "DR" without a US license

these actors work for more /hour than we make in residency. they are professionals. that's why they're there. its their job. just like YOU will do a professional job when you reach that level in your training.

is it "ethical" to have nurses earn more/hour than residents(where we get ~9$/hour on the east coast) ? how about you say that when you get to interview in a residency program. I'm sure you'll do very well.


Hahahah "Peter90036" You must think you are really special...hahahaha.. Sorry to burst your bubble but I don't think this planet will miss you if you fell off today... hahahahaha.... Yeah.. I know.. you are right.. I need to brush up on my acting skills... hahahahaha.. which I will do and then I will be a "Dr with a US licence" hahahaha.... but I still wont be like you because I won't have your ego... hahahaha..... I didn't realize that being a doctor is also about being a good actor... hahahahaha... As far as nurses, well that also doesn't sound very ethical either. Is there anybody else out there who feels the same as I do? is there anybody else who feels the CS is unethical? There is no other profession in the world where people are judged/graded by non credetialed people such as we are with the CS.. Is that because we are better than everyone else? I dont' think so.. think about it... Who else agrees with me? I guess that is also why the residency programs to weigh this exam as much as the Step 1 and the CK because they also know it is a bullshit exam.... hahahahaha...


correction... type error... I meant to say... "I guess this is why residency programs don't way this CS exam as much as they do Step 1 and Step 2 CK"...


seems your medication has run out, you better get some refills before your brain melts away into haahhahahahaaaa

i recommend that you call up the USMLE & ECFMG & NBME and tell them that their exams are bullshit, and screw them, and you dont need to take any more friggin exams 'cos you're so good. I'm sure they'll send you a physician's license asap.


Ok guys... I am done.. you win.. I am out of here...


FUCS you dont make any sense !! and this attitude of yours wont help you ever my friend ! give us your idea ! what would you prefer ?? being examined in a real clinic and on real patients and then scored by real professors ?!??!?! ook !! this cant be biased bc everything is being monitored , they check th elist that they are given , and its a simple YES or NO ... all the pt note is being assessed by doctors ! so plz stop that and dont make the future exam takers more tense !
by the way , dont worry about the accent friends... the SPs are educated about it and dont care aboit the accent IF THEY UNDERSTANT WHAT YOU ARE SAYING ! so even if you have a heavy accent , try to speak clearly and slowly and you will do it !


i think this CIS should be scrapped, it is very subjective and biased.
if they think logically, they know all of us going to do well once we get accustomed to US culture.


Patient-physician relationships are mostly subjective!
What determines that a patient will come back at your consult? his/her adherence to treatment?... Good rapport! how much the patient likes you!
And I think it's totally natural, because we are dealing with people, not facts.


Hi guys, I am sorry to hear about those that failed.I took my exam in June and got my result aug 6. passed. i was not so sure about it cos of all the mistakes I made. but after talking to many people and reading several post and based on my experiences these are the things i can say.

Being polite and humble plus having a preset protocol in your mind is in my opinion the way to go. I know many people place emphasis on smiling. During the encounter I did not smile at all cos there was nothing to smile about.Imagine smiling at a guy screaming low back pain. My point is you should be compassionate by looking concerned show empathy by saying you are sorry to hear about thier pain or discomfort . You can smile at the introduction but afterwards you dont have to force your smile when it obviously might not be needed.

Basic things you should always do for "interpersonal skills".....knock , introduce yourself (with a smile if appropriate) use patients name, drape, wash hands, eye contact, dont be too close, dont be too far from patient. Always help patients lie down or stand up(shows humility) teel patient you would like to examine them if its okay, untie patients gown and help tie it back after exam, extend the leg rest when doing the exam and mention you are trying to make them more comfortable(it shows more humility and compassion) and thank the patient. Use a lot of We. e.g we will run some test and after we get the results i will come back and we will discuss where to go from there

Basic things you should do for "data gathering" PAM HUGS FOSS + PDF plus any other question that comes to your mind based on the particular case.
PDF=progression, duration, frequency

Trust me you can ask pamhugsfoss pdf IN EVERY CASE and it takes 2mins to ask all these.

For patient note, i just used the same format as first aid. write DD and workup first, takes a minute or 2, write the PE which is the same in most patients cos everything is normal (just like in first aid but write it anyway)takes abt 3 mins and finally write the HPC which is a long story and you can keep writing till you finish or your time is up.

Finally, Pray and hope for the best because in the end this is exam is BIASED and in my opinion a load of crap. the only thing i think FMGS need to be tested for is if they understand the patient and vice versa. someones chracter and interpersonal skills should not be judged under testing / stressful conditions.

Goodluck all and i hope the best for you.


for anyone who failed, you must feel depressed, or you can cry, but dont give up!!!
You all can do it again.just believe in yourself.


kinzo which centre were u in??? does the exam centre matter for IMGs?

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