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 GI Hormone matching  

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For each numbered statement of functions in the items, match the lettered hormone whose activity most closely corresponds. Answers may be used once, more than once or not at all

a) serotonin
b) gastrin
c) cholecystokinin
d) secretin
e) neurotensin
f) somatostatin
g) motilin
h) insulin
i) glucagon
j) bombesin (GRP)
k) vasoactive intestinal peptide
l) melatonin
m) substance P

1) It stimulates parietal cells in the stomach to secrete Hcl and increase the constrictionof lower esophageal sphincter

2) This product of endocrine cells found in duodenum causes smooth muscle in wall of gallbladder to contract

3) A derivative of tryptophane, this compound functions as local activator of smooth muscle in mucosa of various parts of gastrointestinal tract

4) In addition to stimulating the release of enzymes from pancreas, this hormone has mild inhibitory effects on motililty of several regions of gastrointestinal tract

5) This product of endocrine cells in small intestine causes cells lining pancreatic ducts to release large quantities of water and bicarbonate

6) the vagus nerve regulates secretion of this by virtue of the fact that vagal stimulus causes both increased release of bombesin and decreased release of somatostatin

7) this polypeptide is produced in duodenum and stimulates strong gastric smooth muscle contraction




1) Gastrin and Histamine
2) CCK
3) Neurotensin
4) VIP
5) VIP
6) Gastrin
7) Motilin


ndspider wrote:
1) Gastrin and Histamine
2) CCK
3) Neurotensin
4) VIP
5) VIP
6) Gastrin
7) Motilin

aqpparently people were just plain nervous to answer this one.

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