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 BBB how should i react?  

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Dear bbb,

I recieved IV invitation from the PC of Miami Childrens Hospital. They even scheduled my IV date and changed it once to fit my schedule.I was happy bcoz i was already planning to travel to florida for a conference. After 2-3 weeks i recieved a rejection letter from PD.I forwarded the previous emails and then they apologized but didnt call me for interview.I was surprised by all this.Does it happen so often even with your program? How shud i react about this. What is your opinion?


I am sorry to hear about that, buddy


Could you not turn up at your allocated interview time?

They'll either admire your gumption and see how much you want to join them, or they'll think that you are a weirdo. Difficult one.


Call'em. There are issues that cannot be solved through emails. This is one of them.


yes, you can call/email (or do what ever you like to do!!!)... but will that change anything, Guys?

Do you think they will invite you once they reject?


What kind of messed up program would send you an invitation and then a rejection and not even bother to make up an excuse like that was sent my mistake or something ???

That's completely rude


Hi diyamirzah,

Sorry to hear about your bad news. But look on the bright side, at least U discover this mistake before spending time and money for the interview. Sincerely, I think even if you call them, things will be the same.

Good luck and focus on other IV that you have.


Thank you all guys for your supportive words.I have some more interview calls.Right now i am also prparing for step 3,so i wanna concentrate on those.I did not call them or email them again. I wont feel good even if they call me again.I just wanted to know whether such things happen so often or it was just me.
Thanks a lot.

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