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 pernicious anemia  

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most common antibody associated with PA.
true or false------ vit B12 def causes PA
PA is associated with chronic atrophic gastritis and hence there is increased risk of gastiric ca.(true or false)


pernicious anemia is a cause of B12 deficiency.
And yes ,atrophic gastritis predisposes to adenocarcinoma of stomach.


The Ab in PA is anti-intrinsic factor.


there are three abs in PA patients: 75 % have blocking ab,50 % have binding abs and 90% have canalicur abs which is on gastric prietal cells
for more detail please refer to robbins patho( megaloblastic anemia section)
I thought this might be a usmle type qs.sinc they like to ask qs which give us this feeling that we know the topic but but want us to know even deeper


thanks for telling us about diff.antibodies

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