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NANCY brings her 6 months old boy, with the concern that he has no been fully immunixzed. she reports to you in feb 2004.she is particularly concerned that child is not vaccinated for varicella. what is the most appropriate response on the part of physician..........
a.dont worry nancy, come in june we will immunize him.....
b.dont worry nancy, come in july we will immunize him.....
c.dont worry nancy, come in august we will immunize him.....
d.dont worry nancy, come in september , we will immunize him..........
e.dont you know that there is no effective vaccine for varicella
f.let him have it early, it is an innocous disease


choice b


answer is c.
varicella vaccine could be administer to the baby when he is at least 1 yr old, now he's 6 month, so in Aug he could recieve it.




well, the answer is august. child should be 12months old,to recieve the varicella vaccine. since, child is 6 months old in feb., he will be one year old in august, and that is when he should recieve the vaccine.

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