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 codon-anti codon qt  

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m-RNA of a malfunctioning protein is shown below,


what is the t-RNA anticodon corrosponding to it.





E. 5'-CAA-3'

PLZ mention ur reasoning too,thanks


Hi smal just an enquiry..have you quoted this question word for word?
The reason I ask is there is no tRNA anticodon for an mRNA, there is a tRNA anticodon for each codon in the open reading frame of the mRNA.
So the question seems incomplete.
Others: please correct me if you saw enough information in the question to answer it.




dear doc 179 and HILFIGER,i quoted the qt word to word,i cross-checked it.the only thing missing is an arc made below the first 3 bases.
the ans they mention is E.THE EXPLAINATION i couldnt follow,so i posted the qt


I might be shooting off at a tangent here, but here is what I found. It might or might not be the answer.

UUG and GUG are alternative start codons (mostly in prokaryotes). So if the UUG in the sequence is where the translation begins, it will be with the tRNA with anticodon CAA.

If the first AUG got converted to ACG (if that is what the arc means) then translation could not start there. If translation then starts at UUG, you would get a protein that is 3 amino acids short. Probably that is why it malfunctions.

Please post the explanation given. Am I even on the right track?


Excellent........makes so much sense.nod

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