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 any chance of passing  

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hi, i need some opinions guys .i have to take step 2 next week...i did Q bank i was scoring 70-82% the new kaplan step 2 CK book 72-75 % what do you think any chances to pass
thank you


You sound ready and confident

Your chances sound incredibly good, those are good scores.

Did you do USMLEWORLD?

What materials did you use for prep??


thanks man for encouraging me i did not do the usmle world andneither the nbme i am very anxious.....the kaplan book seemed easy but some questons were tricky....i used FA step up usmle secrets


I find the USMLE WORLD questions to be extremely challenging.

Did you use kaplan notes at all. Medicine notes are very good.

I think you will be fine.

How did you like secrets??

Good Luck


i did not use all of that i really confused now ..i always asked myself how the kaplan questions ressemble to the acctual exam..i need any passing score .


No no you sound ready to me don't be confused.

According to forum replies the kaplan questions are suitable, more than suitable.

I understand the confusion but you rocked the Kaplan questions.

Dude you can do this


thank you very much for your support....


hi guys i did the usmle cd yesterday i scored 85 % i hope i will be able to pass it....because the last time i took it got 73 i was very anxious.......tired i hope it won't happen to me this time


more opinions guys i stand a chance for a 75 on the real oneconfusedany tips on the exams day more thing how similar the usmle cd to the actual one

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