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I am an IMG, was ECFMG last week and am planning to start my residency on H-1B visa, so I am taking step 3 within three months.
Does anyone know or have any suggestions as to how soon I should have my step 3 score?. By the time the programs start downloading the applications?.. interviews time? later than that? Please HELP!! don't know what to do and can not take step 3 right now..
Thank you so much !!! these forums have helped me so much get through the exams!!!



Hi all ,
I had received an 221 g from Chennai counsulate for few docs from the US company.Could you please tell me from where to fill the DS 157
I had filled the DS 156 from but not sure abt the DS 157 ..Do I need to fill it or can i take the Old copy of DS 157.

Do I need to pay 155rs as I heard that need to pay..Please tell me where to pay this and in favour of whom should be the DD be ..

Kindly guide me for this.



Hi Priya..! It really delightening to read the things revealed which may be instrumental in getting us all thru the Steps and Visas required to pursue our career in US. But Priya I have a Q... that why we ensure the consulate & visa issuing authorities of our return to home country after doing step & residency while we all desire to pursue our career in US and get Fellowships and settle there 4 as much time as v like..???
Another Q....that can we provide domestic LORs to consulates?like..having done some research wok at Aga Khan Pakistan or any other reputed institute which include in its faculties american physicians as well? .......& Priya plz show me email so that v can stay in i've a lot more to ask u


hi all
i need help
i finished my usmle step 1 and ck and i want to apply for visa and i am married and my wife is american and i am egyptian what i can do and what kind of visa i can apply i need ur help thanks


Hi are there anyone who got J1 visa stamped while their spouse is on H1b?Your reply will help me alot plzzzzz help me.


shaking head:shaking headI need urgent help!Guys i finished part 1 giving part 2ck in july and plan to take cs in mid september. My point is can us do both cs and an observership together, --I mean can u go to us for cs and then do obsship?? How and when should u apply 4 these obsvships??? Can u apply without ur ck score??Pls help cause ive to scedule my exams based on the answers.
Im hoping to go for 2010 match.
Thanks a lot and good luck to all.


classy mom, ofcourse you can go to usa for cs and do obsevership thereafter pending ofcourse your visa and whether you got an observership somewhere.

you should start writing to the hospitals which offer observerships..list availabe on and also searching for hospitals in any state where you'd want to do observership. I think you should not have any restrictions as to where you'd like do observership and where not! apply everywhere and anywhere. Ofcourse whether you want to do one where you have to pay (like mt.sinai for example, there are many others) or not is important.


nodnodThanks for the info khushi and good luck to you!!!


gringringringringrinGot my visa B1/B2 for CS..thought i will post my experience ...may help someone!!
i had all document put into 2 files as Priya suggested..but my interview was 3 min long only 4 qs;
1. How long are you practising medicine.
2. Why do you want to go to USA.
3. Where have you worked before.
4. How long do you intend to stay there.
They didnt ask for any papers other than the DS ones 156/157.
then he said you can expect to getr your pasport in a weeks time and i got it after 3 days!!
Good luck people!!
anyone has info on cheap tickets/ insurance requirements and immunisation req for observerships....pleaase help me out.....herre or on my journal in CS forum.


nodnodAnd I forgot to need for any originals except ypour degree certificate and passport.
I too had a CA assessment letter of assets...but nobody asked for it...but better you have it ready. Also I got it from check out from people who got it from Delhi...but good luck to you Mj3


Hi! Thanks for this useful post, Priya!

@ CM! Do you mind sharing your answers to the consul's questions with us? No specifics, dear, just the general idea like the reasons why you want to go the States and duration of stay you want. (Or you may PM me if you want to be more detailed. smiling face)

I'll be filing my application and I wonder if my reasons are strong enough for me to be given a Visa, i.e. to take the CS ONLY and visit relatives; proposed stay 3 months. (No mention of interviews). Would a confirmation letter of an observership help, such as the one proposed here about Griffin University?

Thank you! God bless.

Thanks so much!




Hello everyone,
Can I hold both B1/B2 and J1 wisas at the same time without changing status ? I currently have a B1/B2 visa and I am applying for a J1 visa soon but I want to make sure that my B1/B2 visa won't be cancelled as it's still valid for 4 more years. Thanks

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