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 little confused with NK recognition  

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My understanding of how a NK cell differentiated between self and non-self was based on the amount of MHC Class I molecules present on the self. If there wasn't a sufficient about of MHC I, then the NK would do its job on that cell.

But in a practice question I did the other day, it stated the answer was

"are stimulated to kill infected host cells via carbohydrate-binding receptors."

the other answer given that I thought it could possibly be was
" kill virus-infected cells when the virus is acquired naturally but not by immunization." the answer raised bells with me, but at the time I felt it was the best choice.

the other 3 choice options were definatly wrong. I can kinda see why the right answer was given based on the choices given. But Im not entirely sure of why the right is right.


well it s hard to give a right answer without lloking the others but let me tell you that NK need IgG to recognize the Ag, without this cannot work as a lytic cell

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