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 testing mendels laws using yeast  

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Hi, I'm really confused and i really need someone to help me out please, We're carrying out a theoretical experiment at college. the aim is to test mendels first and second laws by using yeast. The parental yeast cells are haploid, they were mated to produce diploid cells that were sporulated to generate haploid progeny.
My materials are

2 haploid saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast strains of opposite mating type: sk1 and rc6 that manifest some or all of the following phenotypes:

an inability to synthesise its own uracil (ura-)
" " its own histidine
" " its own adenine
" own leucine
an ability to grow on erythromycin

A spore suspension from sporulated diploid cells of sk1 x rc6 (10^6/ml)

2 x YEPD agar plates (complete medium containing glucose as the sole carbon source)

sterile water and sterile Eppendorf tubes
a glass spreader (why are these of assisstance???)

10 x sterile pretri dishes
p200 gilson and sterile tips

I need to decide on what type and how many plates i need
The total volume of media required

Im suppose to design an appropriate media to identify which of these phenotypes (if any) is present in the parents and use the same plates to trace these phenotypes in their offspring. **glucose will be repllaced with glycerol, because that way we can detect that its alive through it respiring!!

Anybody able to help me out, i just need someone to shed some light, i've never done anything like this before, im very confused. I'll really appreciate some help please sad thanks

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