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 Exam experience  

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Hello to all:

I had my CS last week in Chicago and I had a terrible experience. I was unable to complete 2 cases (only completed exam and had no time to tell patient about d/d and counselling). Another case did not go very well as the patient was not convinced.....In 2 encounters, I did not do full exam as running out of time......There were few pauses during conversation also.........

My patient notes were even terrible with only 2 - 3 d/ds and workup as well as I forgot to write vital signs in almost 6 or 7 of them......Yes, only my protocol was excellent like I never forgot to knock the door, wash my hands, drape patients with sheets, to take permission; always used transition sentences; always ask for any questions or concerns; I answered all challenging questions, always helped them out in sitting, standing etc. and tried to show I offered water to 2 of my patients who were coughing..and offered my full support to one who was in pain.....

Can someone please truly judge my exam (or if someone had similar mistakes and if they pass or fail)......Should I be prepared for retaking exam? Please help me out.....I am in a terrible state now as I am going through really difficult phase of my life these days and even it was very difficult for me to go for that exam but I had to........

Anyways I understand what is over is over but few reassurances or true judgment can be helpful..........Thank you very very much


can anyone help me out to reduce my worries?


No one can answer your question.

Do not worry to much and wait for the result.

Lots of people did not finish cases but they passed. Other finished everyting but they failed.

Are you an IMG?




Thanks mytimenow and robin082006. Yes, I am an IMG and I know noone can answer. I only wanted to ask if someone did the same mistakes (more or less) and if they pass or fail.........that's it............Thanks anyways! Best of luck to you and all.......


u will mostly pass if u have followed the basic protocols,good history n counselling.its better to wait for the results.
i couldnt complete examinations in most cases but i did GPE n auscultated heart n lungs for every patient.i forgot fundoscopy in all hypertensive n diabetics but remembered as soon as i left the room but i did mention in the workup.couselled all patients n asked if they had any questions.i thought id fail but i passed.
i think they test how u behave with the patient,empathetic,caring....if u can take a good history,liqora,pamhugsfoss
its unlikely u will fail if unless u have missed important points.


Thank you very much doctor75 for your good words. I did not forget to do basic things in any of them.....even followed liqoraaa and pamhugsfoss always.....lets c only time can tell....

Whenever you are done with any exam; there are always some positive and negative things that come into your mind. Just after taking exam, if it went okay or even not good, one feels obviously tired, hopeless, depressed because you put so much money, efforts and time into it. Then, after some time, one becomes more positive and again ready to accept further challenges...

So.. I am ready to take any challenge. At least, I really did hardwork despite of my most difficult conditions with lots of things happening around......Anyways....

Thanks to this forum and thanks to all who helped me out always.....Take care and Best of Luck to All


You most probably passed. I had negative feelings too, but I passed. Maybe you feel this way because you like to do things perfect; remember that you do not have to be perfect in this exam, but do things as right as possible.


I did everything what you have mentioned still got failed , now sitting half the globe from chicago. Hoping that you will pass.


Thanks silenced, M.D. for good words.....

Thanks ravi_online.........It's sad that you did not pass CS this time.......I am mentally prepared for anything, pass grinnodsticking out tonguesmiling facewink or sadmadrolling eyesdisapprovalshaking headshocked
Thanks and take care!


Hi all!

I am appearing again in exam. after a 10days period of shock due to failure.

Can anybody tell me about what to say for counselling in smoking & a pt. who drinks on week ends?


Smoking: It would be a good idea if you quit smoking or at least try to smoke less over time. Smoking puts you at greater risk for lung cancer and other lung problems, so it is advisible to quit smoking. Is that ok?

Drinking: Drinking too much may cause liver and other health problems. It doesn´t only cause health problems, but it also put you at a greater risk for accidents, especially if you drive under the effects of it. So it would be a good idea if you don´t drink and if you do, do it with moderation.


cs_usmle_can: any word yet as to your results? (if you don't mind...)


thanks you so much Silenced M.D for your suggestions.grin


cs_usmle_can........i took my exam 5 days ago....i did worse than u did

was ur result released??


Yes King and I passed it by the Grace of God.

My feeling for this exam (from my experience and reading other ppl's exp.) is that this exam is not about your knowledge or your efficiency of doing all the things very rightly; but it is about the way you do it. you should be very clear in what you are saying (communication); you should answer patient's questions very patiently and in a nice manner and should ask them if they are satisfied or do they need more clarifications; show empathy towards them (like if they are in pain and unable to answer, keep empathize them but don't ask any questions at that time; if they are coughing, keep quiet and offer them some water even if multiple times; in all cases ask them before restarting); always ask before you start playing with them (examination); always tell them what you are going to do; instantly opologize if you mistakenly hurt them.....; Discuss them what you think; ask them what do they want to ask........these are basics, rest of the things are very important like counselling, D/Ds, patient notes, but if they are incomplete or if you write only 2 or 3 d/ds or investigations inspite of 5 or 6, I personally think it does not matter much.....

If I see myself, I would never like a person who will pop into my room without knocking, who can start talking wihout introduction as I don't know him/her; who is asking many questions without letting me know about it ; who will play with my body without taking permission; who does not show empathy if I am in pain; and someone who goes out of room without saying anything to me.............Although SPs and we both know that we are in examination centre but judgment is at same level...

So I must tell you if you did MOST OF THE BASIC THINGS IF NOT ALL, you are definitely passed................

I know that you have gone through this and you only wanted to know if I passed or not but this is for all CS takers and this is only my experience...It is also possible that people don't agree with me........In october, I was in the same boat as you are now asking people if I'll pass exam or not but today I am giving you advice and support so it's life.......You just don't worry (although you will remain until results gets out)......the only thing you can do now is to pray and to think positively for whatever that will happen in future.........Best of luck and take care.....


I need help in preparing for the CS. Please guide me the methods to prepare for USMLECS exam. any help would be appreciated.

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