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 really really weird  

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I applied to 93 programs. I got 2 rejections from Westlake IL (IM) and George washington Uni (IM) 20 days ago. The rest is just SILENCE. Weird unbareble silence. I mean in the absence of interview I prefer rejections. but nothing. All the programs I applied to are sending interviews and rejections around. HEY!!!! what about me? Am I competitive or not? Am I in or out? I want to know that. How is it possible that people get positive and negative emails from st francis, hennepin, UT, baylor, etc. and me NOTHING??? You don't want to send interviews, PLEASE SEND ME REJECTIONS as you're doing with everybody.


HI wamba
Have patience. I know its tough to wait. I am in the same positive. I am living in the hope that next few weeks is gonna be good for us.
take care


if th univrsity is sending out rejetions and they did not reject you, it is a good thing wamba. Have patience. How is your little one?


how is that good thing amygdalaa


That means theymay still be reviewing it.

Hi wamba
Do you have baby girl or boy?


harry 99 wrote:
how is that good thing amygdalaa


--------- =GOOD THING



r u done with cs or waiting for result


what u mean laptop?
whom r u asking loser?


hey im asking u harry
i thought probably u havnt got ur cs result and maybe the interviews start flowing in after d result


I have ECFMG certification since 5 months and have not received many inv , not even a single from good prog.


Boy! 1 month old and he already says 2 words which meaning, after translation from baby language are caca and hungry.




that is strange...have u applied to drexel,abington,univ of wisconsin,henry ford ,albert einstien philly,....etc..these have sent rejections and some interviews


I got rejection from Drexel,int from Abington.No response from others.


dont worry no reponse might turn out to b an interview


abington is good have any other interview at hand


well it's either that your name starts with a "z", or that you will probably get an interview call after the first wave of invites. Call up a few programs to express your interest and check the status of your application.


i have heard nothing either...
i am now convinced that i am being held on as a back-up applicant...
wamba you and i might get slammed in a few weeks...


harry 99 wrote:
what u mean laptop?
whom r u asking loser?


--------- =GOOD THING


this was a very simple mathematical equation Harry .None as complex as the following one


----------------(SIN x ) = SIX



no interview or rejections today .... still waiting for ECFMG to update CSA score reporting...

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