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Thanks sima
didnt study this weekend, wasted 2 days 48hrs madmad had some of problem with broadband connection too.. I know that not the valid reason to skip studying


When I say I do 150 Qs that means no studies except UW that day...

3hrs for 3 blocks +2 hrs for explanations of each block [ i am very slow reader]

so it comes to 9hrs approx of UW.

PASSING USMLE will definitely make our lives more easier... well keep pushing yourself a lil more.... u'll defintely achieve the target...

Good luck!

keep studying


ki kity,thanls for sharing your schedule. i did 15 q's form CVS in time mode. now am doing expln'of respi q's.planing to push myself,eventhough at this point am enjoying studies as i am analysing elarning stuff,but still i tend to do other works like coking,cleaning of home more than my study during day.i shud avoid getting distracted.happy studying.


I know its difficult to study with household works, just work hard n study well.

U'll do it.

keep studying.


43 days to go....

3 day s went without much studies.. did 3 blocks today , yet to read the explanations.


Kitty reading through your schedule inspiring, when are u taking exam, u mind if i join in with u and sema i need some inspiration and encouragement .


hey doc68

U r more than welcome here.... this prep journal is really very helpful.

We will definitely keep each other motivated. Just keep working hard.


hi just do it.

My methodology is very simple. These days I am doing UW qs full time.

I do time mode tests...while reading explanations I am making notes of important takes atleast 3hrs.

I dont refer back to textbooks or kap notes... may b this is the reason I am taking lesser time.... Earlier I also used to take lots of time in explanations... but this time I am just focussng on the concepts in the explanations.

Hope it helps.
keep studying.....


took 4 hrs to read explanations of 2 blocks.... still 2 blocks remaining.

will not do today's blocks till I am done with yesterdays explanations..

Now going back to my usmle world......

keep studying all.nod


done with dermat from FA. .. still 70 explanations left.
back to UW now....


thanks kity,am starting cardi today,till now did pulmo,neuro,1 bl each and 2 bl from obgyn,.i read kaplan text 3 hrs, next 4hrs i do a bl with expln every day topic wise.keep goig kity u r doing great,i wat to do FA also at this point.happy studying.smiling face


Good morning !!

starting IM with Um today will do 2 blocks and read FA and explainations .
aim is to do atleast 100 Q and learn them .
Good luck to you both


Not advertising Kaplan but think Mr Steven R. Daugherty has made a point here .Motivating. Got this from Kaplan Edge - the newsletter I subscribed. Read on and absorb.

Think and Know versus Grab and Go

Steven R. Daugherty, Ph.D.
Director, Education and Testing
Kaplan Medical

Who is in charge when you take you exam? Do you control you exam, or does the exam control you?

The USMLE* requires you to be able to think on your feet. The exam is not testing your knowledge, as such. Rather, each question is designed to assess your ability to sort out what is important, integrate the relevant concepts and solve the problem presented. You do not master this type of question by memorizing a lot of facts and spitting them out. USMLE questions require you to decide early what is relevant, ignore what is not, and pick the option that offers the most optimal solution. Grabbing for the first answer you see will not get you the score you want. You need to learn to think with what you know and come up with the very best choice.

Mastering this thought process for the USMLE is difficult for two reasons. First, much of medical school education is oriented towards strict memorization. Testing in medical school, whether by oral or written exams, often focuses on the subtle details and minute distinctions which demonstrate an in-depth exposure to the material of interest. When you show that you know these details on an exam, the faculty member feels confident that you have spent adequate time and attention on the content of most concern to them. But, being good at memorization and being good at thinking are two separate things. Even if you can think clearly and efficiently, medical school often rewards you for memory, not thought. And after spending time getting good at the processes of memorization, you may have lost the impulse for and habits of thinking well.

Second, the time pressure of the exam forces even those students who have retained the skill of thinking to abandon this higher intelligence and hope for salvation by reaching for the first option that looks familiar. Time pressure degrades our willingness to spend the moment thinking requires and induces us to value speed over effectiveness. We short-circuit our thinking processes by using what cognitive psychologists call "heuristics." Heuristics are ways of generating an approximate answer without fully considering all of the information presented. The two most common heuristics are Availability, where what comes to mind first is given most credibility, and Representativeness, where things with similar features are deemed as being the same in all respects. Both of these heuristics serve you well in medical school. What is most available mentally is likely to be what you just studied as you crammed for an exam. What you have just learned is what will most likely be on the test ( Availability). When you crammed for your exam, you were required to know a finite set of information. All you had to do on the exam was know a relevant detail that let you discriminate within this finite set of material (Representativeness).

But, the Availability and Representativeness heuristics, so valuable in medical school, interfere with the core thought processes essential to do well on the USMLE. The breadth and depth of the content covered by the exam you will face on the USMLE convert these mental heuristics from valuable short-cuts to disastrous dead-ends.

Most medical school exam are about "grab and go." You see an answer that looks familiar and reminds you somewhat of the issue presented in the question, so you grab for it and go on to the next question. A good USMLE score, by contrast, depends on "think and know." You must think about what is presented, compare this with your knowledge base, and reason though to the best possible answer. Sometimes the answer is something you have already seen and already thought about. These are the easy questions. However, increasingly, students say that USMLE questions present material in unique ways, from a perspective they never really considered before. These questions are harder, but are becoming the backbone of the exam. You must answer these integrative questions by applying your knowledge in new ways to situations that are distinct.

The key issue is this: The knowledge needed for the USMLE is the same as that you learned in medical school. What sets the USMLE apart is its insistence that you learn to combine the different threads of the knowledge you have learned and weave them into a new pattern. Doing well depends not on grabbing all the right treads, but learning the art of weaving. On the USMLE, you will be asked to use your knowledge in ways that you may never have before. Not grab and go, but think and know.

The exam is not a quiz show where you get points for spouting esoteric facts. The USMLE is a screening test to see if you have mastered the perspectives and thought processes essential for medical practice. A physician, a good physician, makes a living by thinking and reasoning. Take the time to relearn and practice this art of reasoning and you will reap the reward of a higher score.


hey sima, doc68

U both r doing great.. keep stuydying!

Thanks ksh for the newsletter.. I read whole of it, it's so true.

Ok, now my studies.

yesterday read explanations of 4 blocks.. did 2 blocks more

Now explanations of 2 blocks for today ...

Have to do next 3 blocks of today's Quota.

Happy studying all


42 days remainingshocked


started reading endocirne from kaplan, aim is to read rheumatology, and do uw q electrolytes and infectious ds


good going doc68

yesterday was bad day for me...didnt felt like studyingshaking head
did only one block..thinking about revising too, as my scores r very low. .disapproval

reading explanations is really very boring .... still 70 explanations r remaining.

10 days over!

will do 1 or 2 blocks today with pathphysio of boards.


till now i solved 2 blocks of cardio,have to do expln's today and 1 more block with expln,have to fiish cardio thui much today,tomorrow i can start afresh.


sima when are you appearing for exam.i think u are doing great


11th day over.

These days I am revising texts once more... 'cos my sore in UW is really low.

doing surgery n pathphysio these days.

done with 3 chaps in surgery, 3 chaps in pathphysio.

my speed is low these days.. shaking head


kity which book are u referring for patho physio , good luc on studying

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