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 Failed STEP 1 and STEP 2CS  

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Hi, I'm knew to this website and recently I've been going crazy over having failed both of these exams. I'm an IMG and I would really like to know if I still have a chance of getting into an internal medicine residency despite my background and failing scores. I would really like to get the statistics on how many retakers actually MATCH or get a position through the SCRAMBLE.confused



I'm sorry to hear about this, but its not like you wouldn't be able to get residency. Actually people assume that they wouldn't be able to get residency. I know many people they failed both step 1 and 2 and even cs but they got it and doing fine, so no need to worry about it.

tell me, did you do q bank or q book or any thing like that, and nbme??? please tell me in details.

Thank you.

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