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 Pre-interview attire...  

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Let me lighten these stressful days...People have spoken endlessly about interview attire. I would want to know what people wear for the pre-interview dinner coz this is going to be the first encounter with the future teamgrin . I have heard it is casual. I am most comfortable in dark jeans and a nice black top with high heeled Is this too casual. I hate formal trousers so a smart Ann Taylor skirt suit for the interview. Please give your feedback for both guys and gals. Also inputs about interview attire for 2007 match is also welcome. Come what may...I will be shopping this long weekend for my pre-int and interview attire... bbb your advice for 2007 is needed--u've seen them allwink


Laptop ur input will be invalauble esp becoz every one seems to be stressed out or a nervous wreck


I was also wondering about this question also.............


Laptop is a male from my best knowledge. I bet $100 that you are women and this is a 100% women thread. If it would be up to me, if i would be you, i will choose Victoria secrets apparel.


I NEVER THOUGHT THERE ARE ATTIRES FOR MALES BEYOND RED UNDERWEARS.I HAVE GOT LOADS OF THEM ;SOME DESIGNER ;SOME BOUGHT FROM HIGH STREET,SOme bought from ebay (new and used ) AND SOME STOLEN.I have got different plans for the pre-interview dinner .I will wear a sequined red underwear with two messages flashing alternately on its electronic neon screen waist band .One message will say -My name is laptop and the other will say "its very hot here today" .I will also get a temporary tatoo of PDs name on my left shoulder .tHIS way i will not waste my time on saying impertinent things like introducing myself and commenting on weather , and will be able to show my interest in the program.

My bat will wear a Hugo Boss Red suit.I have asked the program coordinators to provide me with special parking space for my bat .He is scared of being parked among big cars and insists that he be allowed to hang upside down in the mortuary of the program .

My interview dress will be almost same as preinterview dress with one difference .I will get another temorary tatoo depicting assistant PDs name on my right shoulder ..

I hope things are clear now.

Edited by laptop on Oct 07, 2006 - 9:02 PM


Sorry I forgot to mention but the attire suggested above is for males only(i am a male ) .


Hi hookorcrook,

There is no mention of preinterview dinner in any of my invitations. So that is one thing less I need to worry about.

I have treated myself to a skirt suit for the interviews. and I have one of those long coat suits for the colder days. I will switch between them ;-) I have my s3 in less than 2 weeks, so I am not readign the forums too much. sorry about that.

laptop I cant stop laughing at the thought of the scene at the preinterview dinner :-)))))))))

and vai it looks like you too are not female?;-)


gringrin I will ask my friends to look out for men in red...
Vai I knew laptop was a guy...can't explain the sense of humor otherwisewink I do agree with apurva on this one...
Any more inputs?(on the attire I meanwink)



are you trying to say only males have a sense of humor? or only males have that kind of sense of humor?


Oops.... correction-"that" and not "the". But generally I have met more men than women with a whacky sense of humor(most of the stand up comedians are men...Rivers is a prominent one and I'm not very fond of her..and I dunno others) Correct me if I'm wrong.


hi...i was also thinking about the same thing..i will wear a nice pair of pants(not very formal...more towards the trendy side)..with a nice sweater on top and boots or a pair of smart sandals(watever the weather is)..since the interviews that i hav with dinners r more in nov...i wud wear a sweater with boots underneath...i'm not sure about jeans tho...i hav friends who r residents n they told me they hardly ever c sum1 in jeans...may coudroy wud b better if u want to go 4 the casual look..its totally upto u..if u carry wat u wear well,i think everything looks good.About the3 interview,i'm yet to buy a suit...i'll wear a pant suit since i think pants look better on me than suits...i saw a suit in Sisley that i liked but i'm not sure if it looks professional enuf...any inputs wud b appreciated...thanks



Hey guys
Its just slacks and shirt with a sweater if you want


amygdalaa wrote:
Hi hookorcrook,

laptop I cant stop laughing at the thought of the scene at the preinterview dinner :-)))))))))

and vai it looks like you too are not female?;-)

two things Amy

1)Stop laughing now .I will have the last laugh on the preinterview day in my Red attire metioned above.You will see what spell my red tatoos would cast on the PD.

2)Can you see Vai .

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