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 LOR ,Big mess,Eithr me or lor writer will be dead.  

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My Lor writer sent an addendum to the programs this morning which has changed the face of my previously stellar LOR .Have a look how one line addendum spelled doomed for me today .

1 Laptop, my student, can always be found
2 working hard on his patients . He works independently, without
3 wasting his time talking to colleagues.Laptop never
4 thinks twice about assisting fellow employees, and always
5 finishes given assignments on time. Often he takes extended
6 measures to complete his work, sometimes skipping coffee
7 breaks. Laptop is a dedicated individual who has absolutely no
8 vanity in spite of his high accomplishments and profound
9 knowledge in his field. I firmly believe that Laptop can be
10 called as an asset to any hospital , the type which cannot be
11 dispensed with. Consequently, I duly recommend that Laptop be
12 recruited to your hospital , and a celebration be
13 executed as soon as possible .

That idiot was standing over my shoulder while I wrote this LOR . Kindly re-read only the odd numbered lines


very funnygrin


grin jaja, tha┬┤s a good one. very good!


this guy is so COOL


smiling face funny!




no doubt laptop ,u have a very good sense of humour.I look forward to your posts.


u will win a laughter challenge one day!!..exquisite..




he/she will win the wit challenge!!


2 good grin


thanx for the laugh, we all could use a few these days.




laptop, u so funny & smart!gringringrin

Good luck!


ur cool laptop


awesome man


all ur posts are cool.,this one was no exception.


Hi laptop-

I see that you are quite dedicated to ensure our well-being :-) You are definitely an asset to this forum :-)


Laptop u rocknod
I've enjoyed all posts from judging a the missing ceiling... this and all the in betweens.gringringringringrin


grin man, this looks like the:

Laptop's Fan Club


Edited by chemamr on Oct 05, 2006 - 2:27 PM

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