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 To BBB, Apurva, any fashion gurus, please answer  

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i am 5 months pregnant now, and by the time i attend interviews( optimistic i will get at least a few), i will be 7 or 8 months preg. please tell me, do i need to wear a suit? what am i expected to wear for the interview and still look as dignified as i can? any suggestions are welcome. please tell me any other options i do have to wear too..
i would appreciate any help, cause as it is i am new to western style of dressing and fashion.
go ahead and laugh but HELP..


i am usually in my torn shorts and dirty tshirts. sorry cant helpsmiling face but am sure there are plenty of fashionistas out there to help u outsmiling face


This is Laptop(male).I see that not many are coming forward to volunteer information for your cause.I have a suggestion which you may find either helful or weird.If you find it helpful you can thank me ,but if you find it weird then I wish to aplologise;I told you beforehand that I am a male .

WHat did Britney SPears wear when she was pregnant..FOllow the trail of her dresses since day1 of her pregnancy to the day of the dilivery .I hope you will find one suitable for you.Dont bother about what she wore after the delivery coz APurva has already mentioned it in his answer .


thank you apurva.
thank you laptop, it is wierd, but i think i'll get thrown out of the door if i go around dressing like britney for my intervs... anyways, gosh this is crazy, give me a patient or clinical scenario, i am fine, ask me what to wear, and i have a problem...
well, i think i will go ask the sales help at bloomingdales or something, they may know better.
please any ideas, are still welcome from those who know.


Hi Shaila,

First of all congrats!

I think there will be suits that can be worn during pregnancy.

Try one of those maternity stores. I am positive that u will find one.My opinion is go in a suit for the interview.U must have by this time,noted that proper attire is a big must in US.If u dont find a suit maybe try a pair of formal trousers and a solid color shirt.

Hope this is useful.Good Luck


Hi Shaila, i had a similar question on the forum about a week back,and got some helpful advise, that dress well and be comfortable with who u are...This weekend i went to motherhood maternity and mimi maternity stores, they have some nice stuff, pant suits ,even nice formal dresses you can wear with a nice jacket...So the clothes are out there, just that when you try them on of course you dont give that trim super fit look, but hey you are pregnant, you're not supposed to give that look!!!! At the same time you will look professional, wear a little make up,some nice comfy shoes, not too much of a heel though (i've tried tonnes of shoes, finally selected one with a slight heel).

NOT TOO FORGET...YOUR ATTITUDE (this advise i got from my mum), act as though being pregnant is the most natural thing, be full of energy, and in no way show that being pregnant has slowed you down. I hope this might help you a bit, because this is what i plan to do myself, I'm due the first week of nov, and i have 2 interviews before then..... and even after i deliver for atleast a month i'm expecting to wear a maternity suit, cause it takes about that long to loose the stomach... Right now my main concern is not to go into labour during my interviews..hahaha, although that just might scare a P.D into offering me a prematch there and then....well atleast i can hope for that..


skdoc, thank you so much. yes will go on a hunt.and yes i agree its better to look formal and fat rather than zoya said, they will expect me to look fat anyways. ha ha..
zoya1, congrats to you, wishing you all the best for your interviews. and yes i will take your advice. yes i will act like a bundle of energy. will go out to some of those stores this weekend too. thanks again. glad to know i am not the only person who will be attending interviews like this, its comforting.god bless you.


Zoya1 ,hope you do get a prematch too, well without the labour scare that is...wink
well, am praying for some interviews to come along... yet to get them...


You've gotten some good advice here - you'll be fine. Dress as professional as you can and as comfortable as you can.

Good luck (and congratulations)


thank you BBB. WILL DO.

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