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 De-assign Documents  

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Could anyone please tell me the procedure to first de-assign a document & then replace it with a new one.

Would I need to pay again ?

Thanks & Good Luck to Everyone.


I have received my US LOR and it will be scanned very soon. I have assigned 4 LORs to all the programs that i have applied to. My question is, do i just unclick on an LOR to deassign it and click on the US LOR? Please help. Also for BBB, i tried doing it for one just to check but the previous LORwasn't 'removed' (the one i un-clicked)....will it be removed when the program downloads the new LOR i assigned as i know that a program will onlyhave 4 LORs max at any single point. Thanks a lot and goodluck to all of us!


Programs will have notice of all Docuements/LoRs you send. If you de-assign on and re-assign a new one, the new one replaces the old one; but the program will have in their record that you sent a previous one. One important thing, if the program have already downloaded the old one, they may have already printed a copy of that one; so in this case they may be able to have access to both, the new and the old one.

Hope this helps


Sorry guys ! dumb maybe but i mean literally how do you de-assign & replace with a new one ? Steps to do it....


anyone please ??


For Crab, go to the programs section and select each program that you applied to...the rest of the procedure is the same as what you did when you submitted your application


I have a question Guys plese answer me,

Can you change the name and specialty designation of the LoR you assigned for programs?? it's misspelled and different from the one on paper. Just a benign spelling mistake that is considered correct back home.

Oh! and they haven't been yet upload , not even scanned .

I asked this question on a separate post and no one answered, please do tell me wht to do if you have any idea.

Thanks alot


Thx cali2007, that was easy dude...wonder why i was so hassled about it.
Hey DrLooli - don't think there should be a problem in doing so...

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