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 Calls / Rejections for Pediatrics  

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Hi I wanted to know whether anyone have got calls or rejections from any of the places in Texas for pedatrics. OR has no one applied in the SOUTH.


rejection utmb galveston


Thanks Infliximab for the reply.


miamonides peads

grand rapids

brookdale ny


grand rapids


university of Illinois at Peoria program, and University of Chicago.


What about interviews? Are you guys hearing from hospitals already? GL smiling face


Hi are all these calls or rejections. ? Please specify that too.


I have got interview calls from St.peters in New brunswick,NJ and Albany (but this program doesnt sponsor visas) I have got rejection from UTMB Galveston


i think albany sponsors visas.atleast j1.are u sure tasneem???


I got an IV from Albany too. They do sponsor visas but its J1 only.


I have started applying for Paeds as a backup specialty.. just in case i dont get IM; my specialty of first choice. I have applied to 1 few places in PA and NY. As my research did not revolve around Paeds, i dont have much info... Can anyone tell me which states / places are IMG friendly?

GL to all this week


NY, NJ, MI, PA are IMG friendly for peds.
It is interesting to note that people think peds is a lesser competitive specialty that IM.
I have never thought about it that way.


Paeds is certainly not less competetive..... the idea is to increase the number of applications... with my average scores; i have applied to very single program in IM whose criteria I can meet and so far I have 1 interview call... Majority applies to IM and eventhough quite a few Paeds programs require USCE or any CE, I have noticed ppl getting into Paeds when they have not been lucky in good(not average) IM programs..

Thats how I feel... may be wrong though


Most of programs in pedtiarics do not sponsor H1 b visas.


i called the Albany program coordinator,she said they dont sponsor any visas,but they do accept J1 visas,she said ECFMG has to sponsor.


Hi Tasneembanu, have you scheduled your Albany IV?
I scheduled mine for 5th of Jan.


hi s100,i wanted it in Nov,so its in the waiting list,


hey lets keep this thread updated!

havent heard from UI,peoria yet!

soujany: U Chic is great!

got from grand rapids and marshfield.

anyone with university programs?


got interview from Cooper hospital in camden,NJ.

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