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 Family Medicine Reject/Interview Thread  

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Any one receive interview invitation from University of Washington FM program ?


Iv Sparrow/MSU..any1 else?


Hey I too have an iv with sparrow/msu.
Do u know anything about the program?
do they offer prematches?


just got another one today from rockford IL, so total count is 3 invites for fm, 1 for prelim surg...and countless rejections.



still waiting for ivmadshaking head


Hi Holydoc...
Congrats on IV at Sparrow/MSU. I hv no idea abt the it idea if they offer prematches..i havent yet scheduled my iv there..if they do offer prematch then i guess i shud schedule it let me know if u find out something plz?
And wud u mind sharing ur credentials with me? mine - 95/87/CS 1st attempt/no USCE as such/J1/2006 grad..


iv st joseph nj
does anyone know about this program


Hey anyone got IV from the Albert Einstein, Bronx, NY....dept of social and family meidicine....let me know plz...i want some guidance regarding that...Thanks...


Plz guide me if someone know about this program...Thanks..


I have one rejection from university of massachusetts FM program.

MY credentials 79/79/pass. MD internal medicine in home country, 1993 graduate.

Applied to 38 program so far.


hi guys
i am applying in FM
got 2 rejections in one day
one rejection from York Hospital PA
and once rejection from Riverside Hospital VA


5 rejects till now.

Add South Nassau Community Hospital to the list


i got a rejection from worcestor MA



Idaho FM
Idaho FM rural track
Reddings, CA
Tacoma Family Medicine

Sutterland CA
Southwest Washington
Providence MIlwakee, Portland


hey lasa

what are ur credentials


rolling eyes

I was reading during hours all the posts here. This is my seccond year in the process, last year I didnt match because I didnt had my step 2 scores until late december and no clinical experience in USA and my scores were not that good. After this experience I was so frustraded because I put a huge amount of effort, money and time to pursuit this goal.
After all this experience I was in zero again but at that moment I realized that It was a challenge for me. I started again to study and applyed for step 3 and got some places in USA to get USCE.
This year I applied the first week of september but I didn't get IV yet. I really want to wish you all the best guys. Im sure that god has a place for each of us. God is the only one who knows how hard you did in your studies and all the sacrifice that you are doing to reach your dreams. For moments seems to be unfair for us put all this effort and only be numbers is sad I know, nobody knows all the pain, tears and frustration that have to suffer.

Keep faith and leave in hand of god what is next, you already gave all.

Good bless you

Smile you are alive.


Mexican Graduate
Green Card Scores 76/79/pass
43 applications
3 rejections so far


Hey guys! Im just joining the party 85/81/pass (second attempt, damn!), ECFMG certificate, 2 years Observership, 4 US Lor's.

I have received two rejections Jackson Memorial and St Vincent Toledo, Not very encouraged right about now. Good luck too all.

Timd what programs have you applied to Im very interested.


Rejected from umdnj_rwjms


Hi applied to 100 programs only 1 family practice interview, thinking about preliminary surgery as back up.

Need advice, is it a good idea and what speciality do I put for PGY2?


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