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 Family Medicine Reject/Interview Thread  

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Hey everyone,

This seems to be missing from the 'stickies' in the residency forum.
(Dr Apurva can u add this please....)

Any responses for FP yet?

I will start off, applied Sept 16th to 70 FP programs

1 interview: Austin program (texas)

creds: 77/waiting/pass/GC/1994 grad/USCE/US LOR's



Creds:- 95/93/pass/EAD/2004 Grad/No USCE /No US Lors

Applied to 58 FP programs ON Sept 8th

Also interview at Austin program (texas)

Rejections from

UC Davis
U of Reno
Good Samaritan Phoenix








hey billiard,
Have you scheduled ur interview at Austin yet?
I just got the invite today


rejection from Abington..reason: large No. of application...GL


boo: yeh scheduled interview for end of nov.

2 new rejections: banner good (arizona) and univ of kansas (kansas)

Good luck everyone.

Edited by billiardKing on Sep 28, 2006 - 6:44 AM


Thanks for the update waiting to see what the mailbox brings in today

Edited by boo on Sep 28, 2006 - 8:42 AM. : typo


Cred: 84/81/Pass/ Psy.D (Doctor of Psychology)/ USCE- All 72 weeks.

20 applications

4 Interviews
0 rejections but do not have a good feeling about tomorrow.


2 more rejects: Jamaica program (NY...surprise surprise), Univ of alabama (AL)

Tim, congrats for your good responses, r u a US IMG?

good luck to all


Yes, one of those Caribbean graduate.

Good luck to everyone.



Did anyone receive an interview/rejection from Univ of IL, Peoria FP program...?


hey billarking

you got an interview at austin with just step 1 score and CS ?


Hey Mosaic,

My wife got a call from one of the residents as a "prescreen interview" but nothing since and that was early last week. I applied to UI at Peoria FMP and have gotten nothing.



What are your wife's credentials..? Are you from Peoria..? Did your wife have a telephone prescreen interview..?


Hey Tim,

What are your wife's credentials..? Are you from Peoria..? Did your wife have a telephone prescreen interview..?

What ae your credentials..?


tran6996: yes, I was just as surprised to get it. Maybe the GC and 1 yr USCE helped.

tim: my wife is an OD (optics) and is thinking of doing medicine in the caribbean, what school would u recommend there?

hope this is a good week for everyone .


Mosaic: No, my wife is from Washington state and has 83/pass and still waiting to take CK with USCE of 72 weeks. I was born in Galesburg,IL about 45 miles from Peoria and graduated from Peoria Richwoods so that is our link to central illinois.

BilliardKing: That is a loaded question on this site with some other caribbean grads maybe reading. I will tell you the ones that I think have a good reputation and in no order: MUA (my school 6 years old with NY approval and working on Calif), SABA, AUC, St. Matthew's, Ross, St. George (which is probably the Harvard of the caribbean) and St. Eustatius. There is also St. Christopher but I do not really no much about them and not really sure. I know graduates from St. Christopher and they seemed to be very competent, professional people. All the Caribbean schools have their problems and hurdles to get over when practicing in the US. Some more than others simply because some of the schools above have been in existence for decades and have a reputation. So, take your pick.



Any one aplying to California FP programs for residency?


Anything happening here these days? For me, nothing but silence from the FP programs for the past few days!


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