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 Very High yield??????  

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HI guys I found this labelled as a very high yield fact ,in one of the files over the internet but cant find any link can you help us please

It just says: Ataxia Telangectesia defect: AP endonuclease

any idea! thanx

raised eyebrow


AP endonuclease or APE-1 is DNA repair protein n its function has said to induce p53 gene n a lot of others for repair n has being implicated in cancer cells n neuro disorders

while A-T is related to ATM gene damage maybe there might be a dysfunction of APE to repair the gene

i dont know. this wht i have found out can anyone shed some more light ?


well here is another short note in the high yielder!

can any one tell me what is it talkin about:it says:

60S assembly in nucleolus ,40S assembly in nucleussad


Buddy now serious ly u gotta tell which HY notes r u talking abt n which topic is the second quote from


HI , Find it attached.............I had picked out QS from page 4

Attached Files:
HY for Step 1.doc (96 KB, 103 downloads)


shaking head


thaaaaaaanks a lot
hope it helps
gud luck with ur steps
may god b with u also..



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