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 Anesthesiology threads interviews/rejections  

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Hi everybody:

this is my first post. I have 84/92/pass (second attempt)/ registered/ 6 months observership/ 3 US LORs/ assistant professor at home country for 2 years

applied to almost 50,
rejected from; rush./ uni.. of Florida/ wayn state/ UPMC/ Kentucky/UMDNJ-NJMS in anesthesia
rejected form 2 FM and 4 IM, as well.

no IVs

no answer from the other ones (other 45 one), most of them applied in early/mid/ late sept.

is that possible that they've ignored my application? or they usually answer to all rejected applicants


It has been so silent for me.sad


Hey yl, it has been silent to many of us... So I am feeling the same way you feel right now, not much hope... lots of despair and feelings of hopelessness... its just tearing me apart, not to see the results of hard work (I mean beyond board scores)...


let us see, have faith. they may send us after amg cancel it.

got preliminary IM in Good Samarath something in maryland today? how about preliminary for you, mazinger?


no preliminary positions have been offered to me yet.... Just applied to 10 places for pgy 1 IM...

This sucks... disapproval


I only got two preliminary IM out of 30 applications.

I received a screening call last Sunday(yesterday!!!) accidently. the guy comes from my home country and sincerely suggested me to apply IM as backup although I " have very good score and very strong background". sadsadsad


i am hoping the bestsmiling face anyway!


"IV spots are full/Don't wait" letter;

"...We have had an umprecedented number of candidates apply for our residency
through ERAS this year. Right now I have no open interview spots that I can
offer you. I wanted to convey this information to you so that you may make
plans to attend to your other interviews and not wait to hear from us.

Best of luck,... PD..."


Got the same letter of rejection from U Michigan... I feel like crap and at the same time I feel good because at least I know they are not going to invite me, there is nothing worse than not knowing...



mazinger u applying for h1bvisa?


maoudoody, not really.. I'd get anything at this moment...


rejection U Florida


hi mazinger, the university of florida need some kind of oral english test, do you have that one?

the accident call i got on last sunday was actually from them. i totally messed up the call as the guy sincerely suggested me to apply for IM as back up.smiling face has not heard from them since.

so so silent for me. guys, any new???


At least you got a phone call from them and not a wide open rejection...
Anyways I will try to remain positive as long as this whole process goes...

GL yl


Maybe anesthesiology programs are slower than IM...


yup maybe, but NE I seriously dont think that things are going to improve a lot, this whole situation is turning very painful, not only from my side but non us/ non carib imgs are getting kicked out big time...
Congrats NE for all your ivs....


Rejection from U Florida today.

IV: Preliminary IM from Danbury hospital


BWH today!!!

my rocking day!!!gringrin


Brigham and Women Hospital - veryyyy goood day today!....


You got ivs from BWH?? WOW Congratulations!! nod

Rejection U Iowa shaking head

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