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Welcome to the Moms' Club!

Today, I will offer two time saving tips:

1, Use your slow cooker to prepare your lunch. I usually put everything in the slow cooker, plug in, and then go to sleep. Next mornig, keep it warm till lunch time.

2, bring your kids to the playground with your notes. Let them play around, just keep an eye on them, at the same time you can read your notes. The sandbox is the best one. You don't have to worry about where they have gone.



Glad to join the club grinnod

I have made my one in three rota .
Day 1 : Cooking for three days
Day 2 : Cleaning the house
Day 3 : Laundry

My kids do their homeworks while I am working and I keep checking on them , or you can listen to lectrues while doing these chores.


Hey great to be th e first one to join the Moms club...I agree with u on the cooker tip I also cook quick meals in iit!!But as I dont have any kids so cant say much abt kids tips..but urs is a good ,time saving one!!

I for now dont have a mindblowing tip..but wud say to all moms & housewives party..that I think taking care of all ur household chores the v time they pop the key to having a clean,well kept & orderly home!!

U 'll never pile up things for later this way & dont get frustrated with all the workload+ studies!!


Hey unique1 ..u won..hehe..when I landed here there was noone other than dr,mum..but I guess while I was still writing ,u posted ur message!!

Moms rule!!grin


Hi moms,
Count me in. nod

I can share my babyfood tip.I normally boil and puree all vegetables -fresh and frozen.cook chicken and eggs..puree them too.I cook rice,wheat,chickpeas etc diiferently. I later mix them in different combinations and put them in small zipperbags, each contain one meal .freeze for week is ready for baby with all taste and nutrition.

This is sure going to be a great club.Cheersgrin


hello moms, I want to join

I do laundry and housecleaning on sundays.I try to spend 2 hours daily with my son and forget about usmle, always do 50 Q in the evening after my son went to sleep. I do shopping once a week and no more TV.

I learn for 2 hours and then take 30 min break and listen to my favorite music, then again for 2 hours and again break. My mom helped my a lot in this period ..thank you mom.

thanks for opening such a club, we must be strong and never forget our dreams. ..we can be great moms, perfect wives (jeje) and good doctors. Keep goin, gals


Hey all you supermoms out there....Hats off to you guys!!!! Jugling kids and books and ......sometimes hubbies too wink .(they can be worse than kids at times!!!...)....You all are doing a great job!Realy nod

Wanna join you people....but i am neither a mom nor a soon-to- be-mom.....But i am a wife.So i do my share of cooking ,cleaning,laundry.... grin along with studies....

Hey great tips and shortcuts....Vallia,i too do laundry on Sundays...and Unique1, ur '1 in three rota' cooking funda is for me too....

U guys are really amazing...already doing an awesome job!Keep the club going...its an inspiration already!


Hey moms,

What's up ??

Just wondering where is everyone????

My daughter is home these days due to her asthma episode so I could not study much in the last few days. She is better now and hope can resume her preschool from tomorrow and I will be able to get back to books.

Good luck to everyone nodnodnod


Hi there fellow mums!!
Its great to know there are others like me out here doing something heroic!!! Trying USMLE with 1,2(like me,3,4 or more kidsigrin
i know we'll get through this and beyond sometime soon and we;ll all celebrate...with our kids and hubbies of course SWEET VICTORY!!!
By God's grace this will ring true for each one of us.
So come on girls lets keep the books rolling or the pages swishing or whatever.....!!!
Aluta continua...Victorie ASSERTA.
The struggle continues...Victory is sure..Latin
Great studying girls!!


I like it Sharon99.


smiling facenodgrinsmiling facenodgrinsmiling facenodgrinsmiling facenodgrinsmiling facenodgrinsmiling face


Liked it haan!!!nod


Are stay at home daddy's wellcome ?


Hi, I would like to join too! Sounds like fun! I agree with Unique1, i have a similar routine for chores. Don't have a special tip to offer- atleast can't think of one right nowgrin but watching a lecture while you are keeping an eye on the kids works for me. Also, love making up jingles about what i am reading and singing it with my kids, i remember it everytime. Whatever you do, don't forget to have fun.. the time is nownod


Sure. Anybody is welcome.

Sorry for out of here for a while. I have some personal issue need to deal with. I found a new way to keep my son quiet. I turn on the computer and find then he can play with it for a while, not too long but if we have enough games for them, maybe we can have more time to study. 5 mins is better than none.

Keep going, USMLE crashers.nodnodnod


hi every one,
iam in the same boat ,i guess even in hard situation, with kids n inlaws n some times crazy hubbuyshaking headnodshaking headshaking head


well can i join too, but sorry no tips to offer right nw. i tried this 3 day rota before but doesnt work with me even every 1hr rota with cleaning house doesnt work bs my baby is at home whole day and every min she is enjoying newer toys from her basket so that by evening house is mess. no one can walk without stumbling on a doll or a teddy and bed full of pencil and books. seems like cleaning war.


hi every one i have one 6 years oldtoo

and clear step 2 and be gin studing step 1 it is doable gals keep going


Hi nasrin46 welcome to u to the marathon "step1".It is good for u that u are almost half way.
With all of us sailing in the same boat and lots of strings attachedgrin know lot about how hard we are trying.But we all are sure WE ARE GONNA MAKE ITgrin and be a proud moms.


Welcome all friends fighting with Step 1.

I have a boy. And, trust me, babies and kids love to make mess. Even I cleaned all the toys and books in baskets or bins, my son just like to dump them out. So, I gave up. gringringrin Just leave them there. If he wants something, dig it out from the mess. He loves the game. I just simply keep the mess at the couner of my living room and his playing room. gringrin Or, you can clean them up when your kids finaly fall to sleep every night, if you still have energy.

Don't worry, they will grow up, we will win the war with MLE. Keep going. nodnodnod


Today, I played with my son. He wanted me to chase him, didn't allow me to read my notes. So, I chased him by walking fast. The point is if you can not study, then use the time to do other things that may help you study more effective later, eg. exercises or relax. Sometimes, when he's playing and I have to company with him, I just have an emotional nap. Then during his nap time, I can study. Try it. nodnod

You can find lots ways to relax. Remember if you can not study, relaxing is as important as studying. nodnodnod

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