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 To BBB: Can Programs select what they download?  

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I have noticed that some programs are downloading only parts of my application eventhough I have everything uploaded already.

For example, a program download my CAF, profile, School Transcript, ECFMG status but did not download my LORs and my USMLE transcript. Next day for some reason ERAS put new versions of everything, and that program downloaded again everything but my LORs and USMLE transcript.

I see that other programs have downloaded everything.

Is it possible that at this time they only choose to download a part of the application form all the candidates?


NO!!! Programs can't pick and choose - we get everything or nothing!


So in this case, what does it mean when they are skipping parts of my application in sevreal days? eventhough some programs have been able to download everything?

I am asking this because this specific program is my #1 option.



NO - it means that items are not available for them to download. I have to take every document from every applicant. Or I receive no documents at all.


quick question. If the program says 3 LORs required, should we just send 3? Or should we send 4 if we have 4 uploaded? I sent 3 since I do not want to appear as if I do not understand the instructions. Or do the PDs and PCs like you prefer more LORs if they are available?

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